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Caution…You’ve Been Warned!

     Why in the world do the suits behind the desks make buying a home so difficult?  I realize that banks and such can’t loan tons of money to certain people; no paying your bills=no home for you.  Easy to understand.  But.  And I’m just ranting here…I take care of my business.  I have my stuff together.  I would like to purchase a home.  Why can’t it be easy??  There are 47 hoops a girls gotta jump through; when I’m warn out from that I find out there’s 12 more to go.  All while everything else is going on…work, school, kids, worrying about my mom, etc…blah blah blah.  But what’s one more thing…ain’t no hill for a high stepper though, right?  Why move, you may ask?  You may bring up that the current place of residence has many high points: location, size, neighborhood, neighbors…but when a house payment is less than half of rent (rent guaranteed to go up every year) why the heck not??  I’ve worked my tail end off (not really~I’d hate to lose my tushy cause I like it) to get my credit back to where it needs to be after some unfortunate events, save money for a down payment, get paperwork together.  If you ask me, I should have to call security guards to come sit outside my door to fend off lenders.  Remember those commercials where those people would interview bankers dressed up in suits in their house?  Totally should be like that…if only TV were more like real life…
     Okay.  After spilling my opinions for a moment, I actually feel better.  Sorry you had to read it.  But glad you did.  Hopefully before too long…after waiting on others to do their part (a skill I DO NOT posses) and possibly someone somewhere dancing around with chicken blood I’ll be blogging about being a new homeowner.  I’m inhaling now to hold my breath…

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Procrastinators Unite!

My list of what I should be doing instead of blogging…

     Sidebar/explanation: I had an “ahaaaaaa” (lots of aaaaa’s cause I’m a little cruddy sounding today) moment that my blog could be added to the “Do This Instead of What I Really Need To Do” list.  What’s on that list, you may be wondering?  Well, there’s always-in no order of importance:
1. Facebook.  It’s a given.  Admit it.
2. Twitter.  It’s a new thing for me…but I think I see where it’s heading.
3. Blogging.  I can add this to my ever growing list too.  At least it’s constructive.
4. Google.  Just about anything I can find in my mind to look up, I will.  Especially if it means I don’t have to do something that needs to be done.  Just google “biggest time wasters”.

     So here’s my list of things I should be doing but I’m not.  See the above reasons of why I’m not doing the below list.

1. Getting a stupid hold for financial aid cleared up on my bursar for school.  Blech.  No fun there.  That’ll still be there in the morning.
2. Getting a ton…and I do mean a TON of paperwork together all because I thought it would be a great idea to prequalify for a home loan.  Boy was I crazy.  I do mean a TON of paperwork.  Did I mention that?
3. I could probably check on my latest grade, but I’ve come to find that ignorance is bliss when it comes to that.  If I don’t know, it can’t be bad, right?
4. As is usually the case, I could clean out a closet (or 8) in the house.  Not that the homestead is messy, it’s almost always picked up, but it could use a lil’ TLC.  Just not today.  Just not right this second.
5. I could probably scale the mountain that is the laundry needing to be put up.  Someday somebody needs to create an app to do that…till then…see the above list.  More fun there.
6. Blah blah blah…I could go on and on and on.  But I won’t cause I’m gonna finish this up and check my facebook and twitter.  Cause I should be doing all this other stuff.  But I don’t wanna.

     Besides.  I have a motto I live my life by.  Why do today what can be done tomorrow…cause when tomorrow rolls around it may not even need to be done anymore.  And my second motto for the days I really need a good pep talk is an oldie but goodie…”I’ll worry about that tomorrow”.  From Gone With the Wind.  Classic.  So until I get the gumption to do anything else, I better take care of the pressing issues at hand and see what every one’s up to…off to facebook it!
                                                Procrastinators will rule the world…some day!

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Highs and Lows of a Random Monday

     If you’re wanting a completely random glimpse into the better part of my day…welcome.  Today is the day.  I’ll spare you the, umm, details and just give you the highlights. 

Jordy’s own personal hell…these pictures.

     So one of my talents is the ability to produce a kidney infection at like pronto speed.  One minute no pain…then tons of pain and usually a fever.  Every thing’s hunky dory…than bam.  Mucho paino.  No fun.  Wednesday (maybe Thursday.  Can’t remember/kinda runs together) my talent resurfaced and I woke up with the fantastic back pain known as my personal hell.  Well, long story short and in depth details of peeing in cups left to the imagination, today I spent the better part of my morning looking for a new set of kidneys.  Needless to say, this anomaly tends to put me in a not so fantastic mood.  Dealing with not so smart college students didn’t help to make it much better.  So trying to get some relief, all while working today cause I’m super woman like that, was no easy feat.  Oh and working with a smile on my face cause I gotta be nice and blah blah blah…Found out this wasn’t my normal, run of the mill ordeal so now it’s a whole new ball game…trying to get to the bottom of all of this is really starting to drive me crazy.  I really kinda like to know what’s going on with me, especially when at times I’m whithering around on the floor in pain…okay, a bit of an exaggeration.  But not much.  That has to be the down side of my day.  Couldn’t really imagine it being too much ‘badder than that.
    On to the ‘gooder stuff.  Forgive me.  I’ve been around my hickish kiddos.  This morning, I got to surprise Sean with a HUGE gift that I’ve been DYING to give to him.  I’m seriously like a kid at Christmas when it comes to giving gifts; according to him I’ve had a sheepish grin on my face for a while.  Even though I intended it to be a gift for a major holiday; there’s a few biggins’ coming up that it would have been perfect for.  I couldn’t wait anymore so I set it up to surprise him at the most random time~cause that’s how I like to do it~his reaction was priceless.  The true appreciation was so worth the effort that I’m not sure who was excited more…him for getting the gift or me for getting to be the one to give it to him!  Nice way to start the day, if you ask me.

Jax watching School House Rock on YouTube

     Best way to end the day?  Watching School House Rock on YouTube with the kiddos!  All 4 of us piled up on the couch watching old episodes from back in the 1900’s, as Jordy likes to remind us, with a look of awe on her face.  The best part was watching Jax act like he was so cool and knew all the stuff already, but slowly he was getting into it all.  They were mesmerized.  Leave it to a kid totally spoiled with today’s technology to ruin the feel goody moment by asking why it looks so funny though.  Things have really come a long ways in the last 25+ years (gasp!).
     Either way you look at it, all in all it was a pretty dang good day.  And I guess I just have to say thanks for sticking with it and reading all the way through.  Cause you must have had a pretty slow day yourself…if my day was interesting to you!

Today’s disclaimer:  There is still somewhat of an effect of pain meds in my system as I write this.  So please take that into consideration…   

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