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Pistols will be firing!

on September 8, 2011
I have a problem.  An addiction of sorts.  Some might not think of it like an addiction, maybe more of a hobby or something to enjoy.  If I were a betting woman (and usually I am), I would bet those people would be of the male gender.  I love college football.  And football is in the air today!!  It’s the Thursday night game here at home and despite the MAJOR pain in the batootie inconveniences like parking on campus, and parking on campus, and maybe parking on campus, the extra charge in the air is absolutely worth it.  I can say that because I got a good parking spot today.  The smell of charcoal and hickory smoke is in the air and all the green spaces and lawns are starting to fill over with waves of orange fans.  The weather is cooling off to a breezy mid 70’s (hey when it’s been in the hundreds you take what you can get).  Kickoff is in a mere 4 hours and the couch is calling my butt like the maiden call of something…something…epic.  I didn’t get tickets for tonight’s game.  If you’ll notice today is Thursday.  That would make tomorrow Friday for my non OSU readers and thus a work day.  I can’t, in my rapidly aging and therefore earlier and earlier bedtime rituals conceivably fathom staying out that late.  Translation:  I’m too old to go to the game tonight.  Makes me kinda sad actually.  What I will do, however, is sit on my comfy couch with the world’s greatest boyfriend (WGB for short) and watch the game, in the comfort of my sweats, eating normal priced food and drinking a beer that won’t cost a weeks tuition.  At an Ivy League School.  Plus.  Here’s the kicker.  If we are home watching the game, chances are I will actually get to hear WGB cheering for the Cowboys.  Better grab your coats yall…cause hell’s fixin to freeze over!!

Let this get ya in the mood for the game…


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