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Misspellings and Other Rantings…

on September 14, 2011

Soapbox Moment for Today

    I’m usually a pretty laid back kind of gal…not too picky about most things.  Other than the way clothes face on a hanger but I’m learning to relax a bit since I now have help with laundry.  But I digress.  In my lowly, means nothing opinion, I really think that college students should take some kind of basic knowledge test to get in.  OH WAIT.  They do.  It’s something like an ACT.  How in God’s name are these kids making it through grade school, much less high school then on to college?!  I’m no genius, or brainy freak or really much more than average, but SERIOUSLY…some of the stupid questions I get asked and some of the basic misspellings I see everyday are beyond ridiculous.  
     For example: What’s the date today?  Basic question…nothing in the world wrong with it.  Today is the 14th I reply.  The college student looks at me with the most blank stare and asks me what month?  Really?  What month?  The same month we have been in for the previous 13 days!!  Then, as a topper to this completely unreal conversation comes the next question…what number of month is September?  Now.  My two kiddos are in elementary school and both of them can pop off what number each month is.  So I say 9.  September is the 9th month.  Every year.  I feel the need to remind them, as my parental duty or something.
    Second issue…cause I’m on a roll baby!!  Let’s talk about spelling.  There is a huge difference in the word soar and sore.  Let’s get this straight.  If you have something sore, it hurts.  If it’s soaring, it’s flying.  Another word: throat.  Throat=correct spelling.  Throte=I have no clue.  So when you come in and write down that you have a soaring throte, I am assuming something is flying…and that is really not something our clinic can help you with.  I’m pretty sure antibiotics aren’t gonna help with that either.  Perhaps the physical plant would be the place for you?  Or a warning for everyone around you to duck?  
    Okay.  I’m done.  Dismounting from the soapbox now.  G’day y’all…over ‘n out.      


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