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Pumpkins, Prayers, and Package Deals

on September 14, 2011

          So there is a big day coming up in a few weeks and since I’m a sappy, happy kind of girl, it’s making me think back over the past year and how freaking blessed I am.  It’s been a year since I’ve met Sean, and boy has our world changed…for the better, of course!  I’ll do you a favor and spare you the details this time of how we met, but don’t think I won’t post that one at some point!  One thing that I have been blown away about though is how the kids and Sean have built their relationships over this past year.  You’d think they’ve always known each other; the respect they have for each other really says a lot about the type of man he is.  For a single mom who hadn’t really brought anyone around the kids before, I was really pretty freaked out about how this was all gonna go down.  Considering Jordy had been my guard dog and would get mad when the little checker-outer guy at Walmart would chit chat with me~”Don’t talk to my mom!” was commonly heard~I didn’t have too high of hopes when it came to them meeting Sean.  I should have know better; he’s a natural when it comes to kids. 

      We decided to do the big introductions at a pumpkin carving party where there were other kids around for Jax and Jordy to meet and play with, and we thought that way it would at least be be on neutral territory.  They did great, running around and being themselves.  When it came time to clean out and carve the pumpkins, Sean and the kids worked great together, making some pretty awesome pumpkins.  Come to think of it…nobody really wanted mama’s help!  The highlight of the night though was at the end when it was time to go.  We were heading out to the truck, saying our goodbye’s and thank you’s.  I noticed the kids were pretty hesitant to go; really holding back.  Jaxton, my little man around the house who is just as protective as his sister, asked me as serious as he could “Mom, can Sean spend the night?”  After I quit choking on my spit (I seem to do that a lot when caught off guard) and gathering my composure, I explained how that wasn’t a good idea and wasn’t going to happen.  Then, undeterred, Jax asked if Sean could come over in the morning for breakfast.  Again, telling him that we will see him again, but that breakfast was a little bit too early, both of their faces fell.  They were genuinely sad that they had to wait more than a few hours before they could see him again.  Watching them that night, I could see a lot in the ways that they interacted together, ways that have grown and developed into a relationship that goes past the “my mom’s boyfriend” stuff.  There’s a real mutual respect, understanding, and love there that, even though they may not have chosen each other, they have accepted each other for who they are.  They’ve all made the best of being part of a package deal.  I have to say, though, that I seriously got the easiest part of the deal…16 year old boys are SO MUCH EASIER!  I know that it’s not an easy road to have a combined family; there are many statistics on the subject that can make your head spin.  But I also know that many, many (probably billions, if that’s possible) hours of prayers have been answered.  Many nights I’ve prayed for this.  Watching our new relationships develop with each other is so exciting!  The kids are thrilled to have a new big “brother” to look up to…even Jordy, who acts all exasperated that now she has two big brothers around but deep down she really does love it and is a goofball anytime Tyler is around.  I am so blessed that God has given me this opportunity and thinks that I am worthy enough for this family…   

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