Bonfires and Bluejeans

Randoms from my spot next to the fire


on September 15, 2011

         And now back to the task at hand of reflecting…you know when you make a complete ass of yourself and yet, in hindsight, it ends up being a huge turning point in your life?  Background info: I have a real talent for making an ass of myself.  If I could find a way to make some dough from it, I could probably retire by 35 just from my skill of saying the wrong thing at the wrong time.  Or the least clever thing when it matters the most.  Like this particular time…
         Scenario: First time Sean and I met.  Here’s how the ass moment went down.  The kids and I were at a fish fry (cause that’s how we do it around here.  Some people have wine tastings.  We have fish fry’s.)  put on by his family that we had been invited too.  The kids and I had been at a pumpkin patch ALL. DAY. LONG. (important background info) and it was a pretty cool, fall day.  After we had gotten there and the kids ran off to play and all settled in and such, I had to pee.  Cause, unlike a wine tasting party, beer makes me pee.  A lot.  So around the corner of the house I walk to go inside.  And lo and behold, stands this really tall and freakin cute and tall fella standing right there.  I say tall cause it seemed like I had to keep looking up to see his face.  And I’m no giant…so everyone is taller than me.  Everyone.  So what does my quick wit and clever sense of flirtation come up with to say?  Hey.  Yeah that’s it.  All I said was hey.  And not just a regular hey either.  Remember that the kids and I had been out at a pumpkin patch all day AND it was getting pretty cool by then outside?  So it was a low pitch, manly, gravely sounding hey.  So opposite of anything I would want to sound like at that given moment.  I could see the confusion (?) on his face, as he responded with, what else could he say, hey.  That was it.  Our first words.  And I walked inside.  Cause I had to pee.  Bad.
         Fast forward to present…that moment has brought us quite a few laughs since then.  Usually all that laughter just makes me roll my eyes and thank my heavens that at least I was cute enough for him to get past my manly, gravely, roll outta bed voice.  Obviously, things went on to work out, despite my ass moment.  And trust me, there have been PLENTY more since then.  I’m so thankful he is so forgiving and has such a great sense of humor!


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