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What did you call me?

on September 16, 2011

     I’ve been called a lot of things in my life.  Several of them I wouldn’t feel too comfortable discussing in my blog.  But there is one word that I find keeps popping up over and over when people describe me.  It makes me laugh; cause for some reason it’s almost always accompanied with a chuckle and an eye roll.  And a reference to my height, as if somehow there’s a certain inch limit…once you grow past this invisible limit you can no longer be known this way.  And obviously…I haven’t grown past it.  Or past much of anything really. 
     So what is it?  How am I described?  What have I resigned myself to being forever?  Well folks…if I’ve been described one thing consistently, it’s spunky.  Yep.  Spunky.  So many things can be wrapped up in that short (again with the short references) word.  It’s fun to say, especially with different accents and really fast.  You’ve heard the AGE OLD saying dynamite comes in small packages?  Well, when talking about me, I guess you could say spunky comes in a small package.  How am I spunky, you may be asking…?
     As I posted before, I have the ability to say WHATEVER is on my mind, without the ability to always think first.  It’s a talent.  I also have the gift of cute, quick witty remarks, too.  The combination apparently makes me a little package of dynamite.  And not always loved.  But I try to use my super powers for the better and for making people laugh; not necessarily me laughing at people.  My true talent of spunky comments comes out though with witty remarks that leave people (usually Sean) without a quick comeback. 
     One spunky thing I did really stands out…Sean has this hideous (did I say that out loud?  Sorry baby!!) tshirt that says “I love hot moms”.  Now, this shirt has been through it all.  It’s now a work shirt; sleeves cut off type thing.  Not anything he really wears in public anymore.  Thankfully I got to miss that part of his life. 🙂  So we hadn’t been dating all that long and he shows up wearing this tshirt; I’m sure thinking I would freak out or something.  I kinda laughed…all the while hatching my evil, devious plan.  I said “Oh they should make one that says I love hot dads!”  He said they don’t (of course he would) and that he would get rid of his.  I’m really not one of those girls who would make him get rid of something he likes, other than a few exceptions.  Anyways.  Nothing was really ever said about the shirt again, except spunky little remarks when he would wear it…Typical remark: That shirt should have moms crossed out and just have my name on it…blah blah blah.  I found a company online that sold custom tshirts and you didn’t even have to buy 67 dozen.  I have a lot of clothes…especially tshirts and jeans cause I’m that kind of girl…but that is excessive, even for me.  So I put in my order for a shirt that said I heart hot dads.  Classy.
     It was a Friday night, and it was just the two of us.  We were fixing to head out to do our favorite relaxing way to spend time together…backroading!!  I thought it would be the perfect night to bust out the shirt.  I threw on my favorite worn in jeans, long sleeved shirt and the tshirt on top.  And my boots.  Cause that’s what we do around here.  I headed downstairs, where Sean was sitting on the couch waiting.  I walked past him…giggling cause I have a horrible time keeping secrets.  Nothing.  He didn’t notice.  We got things ready to go…still nothing.  I was beginning to wonder how long it was going to take!  I think he even took a call and stood there looking at me and didn’t even notice!  Finally, as we were headed out the door, I saw his face.  The hamster on the wheel must have been workin’ as hard as it had ever been, cause the look on his face as he was trying to figure it all out was priceless!  He busted out laughing and questioned where I found that shirt and that he hoped I hadn’t planned on wearing that in public…and a few other choice comments about how dads worldwide were gonna be excited.  I just shrugged my shoulders and blew it off saying I found it around.  And that I told him one day I would have one that said I love hot dads.  Then I looked him square in the eyes and said “you ready to go”?  Then I busted up laughing cause I couldn’t hold it anymore.

Funny how a picture can bring back a memory!

      Every time I throw on that tshirt (usually around the house…I don’t wear it out much) it reminds me how many times I’ve been called spunky.  Cause after that little stunt I think I was called spunky like 2000 more times!  Every time he told that story, he followed it up with “she’s so spunky!”  Now, every time I say or do something he may not like, I remind him that my spunkiness is one of the qualities that made him fall in love with me!   


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