Bonfires and Bluejeans

Randoms from my spot next to the fire

Oh, Jordy…

on September 22, 2011
     Look at that sweet face.  That’s baby girl…otherwise known as “get what she wants by fluttering those big brown eyes” girl.  AKA “has someone who’s name starts with a Se and ends with an AN wrapped around her little finger” girl.  If ever there was a girl that had throwing puppy dog eyes someones way than it would be her.  It’s a skill.  A talent.  She should teach classes to poor girls who were born without it.  You tell baby girl no to something she really wants and I guarantee the dramatics kick in…I’m talking Oscar-worthy dramatics.  Eyelashes.  Puppy dog eyes.  Even a tear, if need be.  That. Girl. Is. Good.  I’m not sure where she learned it from.  Probably some deep seeded skill that some girls are just lucky enough to be born with. Don’t think you can be taught it, or even learn it…luck thing.  She’s gonna go far in life, even if it is with her ability to smile and look cute.  I’ve always told her if in doubt, act like you own the place and always smile and look good.  
Hope she listens.  I’m sure she’s gonna have to use it someday.

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