Bonfires and Bluejeans

Randoms from my spot next to the fire

It’s Finally Fall!

on September 26, 2011

     Blogger’s interruption:  I realize it’s no longer (technically) the first  day of fall.  But humor me.  I was busy when I wanted to finish writing this.

     It’s the first day of fall, and I would have to say that this ranks right up there as one of my favorite holidays of all time.  I realize it’s not a nationally recognized day; my bank is still open, for crying out loud.  But it should be voted on by the people to be a federal holiday.  I could use another paid day off.  Why, you ask, does this particular holiday tickle my fancy?  Well, let me just tell you why.  I get to wear my favorite, well worn jeans and hoodies and bust out my sweaters from the closet.  My boots become my staple footwear; top off the look with a ponytail and maybe a hat and I’m good to go.  Go where?  To sit around a hot fire, with a cold long neck bottle in my hands, that’s where!  Numero dos on that list is sitting in the cool air, enjoying friends and my love just taking in the warmth of the fire, seeing my breath in the air.  Then you got all the great, warm comfort style foods that usually consist of pumpkin (cue the pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks!).  Those are things you just can’t enjoy any other time of the year.  Along the lines of the food is getting geared up for the holidays; October is chalk-full of birthdays and parties that kick off this fun, family time of year.  I absolutely love decorating for the fall, probably even more so than Christmas.  I would leave it up all year long, if it was socially acceptable to do it!  The smell of cinnamon candles when I walk in the house is so comforting and homey; makes me feel so peaceful. 
     Even if the first day of fall isn’t going to be a paid holiday I will ever get to look forward to, it will always be the first day of my favorite season of the year.  Just wish I could find a way to keep the weather feeling all fallish for more than a few weeks…


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