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Procrastinators Unite!

on September 29, 2011

My list of what I should be doing instead of blogging…

     Sidebar/explanation: I had an “ahaaaaaa” (lots of aaaaa’s cause I’m a little cruddy sounding today) moment that my blog could be added to the “Do This Instead of What I Really Need To Do” list.  What’s on that list, you may be wondering?  Well, there’s always-in no order of importance:
1. Facebook.  It’s a given.  Admit it.
2. Twitter.  It’s a new thing for me…but I think I see where it’s heading.
3. Blogging.  I can add this to my ever growing list too.  At least it’s constructive.
4. Google.  Just about anything I can find in my mind to look up, I will.  Especially if it means I don’t have to do something that needs to be done.  Just google “biggest time wasters”.

     So here’s my list of things I should be doing but I’m not.  See the above reasons of why I’m not doing the below list.

1. Getting a stupid hold for financial aid cleared up on my bursar for school.  Blech.  No fun there.  That’ll still be there in the morning.
2. Getting a ton…and I do mean a TON of paperwork together all because I thought it would be a great idea to prequalify for a home loan.  Boy was I crazy.  I do mean a TON of paperwork.  Did I mention that?
3. I could probably check on my latest grade, but I’ve come to find that ignorance is bliss when it comes to that.  If I don’t know, it can’t be bad, right?
4. As is usually the case, I could clean out a closet (or 8) in the house.  Not that the homestead is messy, it’s almost always picked up, but it could use a lil’ TLC.  Just not today.  Just not right this second.
5. I could probably scale the mountain that is the laundry needing to be put up.  Someday somebody needs to create an app to do that…till then…see the above list.  More fun there.
6. Blah blah blah…I could go on and on and on.  But I won’t cause I’m gonna finish this up and check my facebook and twitter.  Cause I should be doing all this other stuff.  But I don’t wanna.

     Besides.  I have a motto I live my life by.  Why do today what can be done tomorrow…cause when tomorrow rolls around it may not even need to be done anymore.  And my second motto for the days I really need a good pep talk is an oldie but goodie…”I’ll worry about that tomorrow”.  From Gone With the Wind.  Classic.  So until I get the gumption to do anything else, I better take care of the pressing issues at hand and see what every one’s up to…off to facebook it!
                                                Procrastinators will rule the world…some day!


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