Bonfires and Bluejeans

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Caution…You’ve Been Warned!

on September 30, 2011

     Why in the world do the suits behind the desks make buying a home so difficult?  I realize that banks and such can’t loan tons of money to certain people; no paying your bills=no home for you.  Easy to understand.  But.  And I’m just ranting here…I take care of my business.  I have my stuff together.  I would like to purchase a home.  Why can’t it be easy??  There are 47 hoops a girls gotta jump through; when I’m warn out from that I find out there’s 12 more to go.  All while everything else is going on…work, school, kids, worrying about my mom, etc…blah blah blah.  But what’s one more thing…ain’t no hill for a high stepper though, right?  Why move, you may ask?  You may bring up that the current place of residence has many high points: location, size, neighborhood, neighbors…but when a house payment is less than half of rent (rent guaranteed to go up every year) why the heck not??  I’ve worked my tail end off (not really~I’d hate to lose my tushy cause I like it) to get my credit back to where it needs to be after some unfortunate events, save money for a down payment, get paperwork together.  If you ask me, I should have to call security guards to come sit outside my door to fend off lenders.  Remember those commercials where those people would interview bankers dressed up in suits in their house?  Totally should be like that…if only TV were more like real life…
     Okay.  After spilling my opinions for a moment, I actually feel better.  Sorry you had to read it.  But glad you did.  Hopefully before too long…after waiting on others to do their part (a skill I DO NOT posses) and possibly someone somewhere dancing around with chicken blood I’ll be blogging about being a new homeowner.  I’m inhaling now to hold my breath…


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