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October is Now Personal

on October 1, 2011

     Tomorrow is October 1st.  Saturday.  A normal, busy day for most; for me though this is the first October I will get to celebrate (celebrate?  not sure that’s the best word here) Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  Exactly 365 days ago, I didn’t think twice that the following morning would kick off the one month set aside to draw attention to this devastating disease.  It never affected me personally.  Selfish, I know.  But the truth nonetheless.  I am even honest enough to say I didn’t really care all that much.  All that has changed, though.  I’ve done a complete 180.  Now, my personal opinion is that this should be the focus all year round; women all over the country fight for their lives with this cancer the other 11 months of the year, too.  Not just October.  And I do appreciate all of the pink that will be displayed…I have my own fair share of “I love boobies” t-shirts and other products to fund the efforts.  But now, it’s personal. 
     This past summer, my own mom was diagnosed with advanced breast cancer.  After a radical mastectomy, pathology reports showed that it had spread throughout a number of lymph nodes, as well.  Thankfully, other organs weren’t involved, though as quickly as this particular type is, it wouldn’t have been long at all.  The real miracle in all of this is that we even caught it, and in just the right time as well.  So what had previously been something I thought about maybe half a dozen times a year has now become the center of my life for now. 
     I could seriously go on and on and write all about the cancer and how it’s affected everything and everyone and how hard it’s been and blah blah blah…..but I’m not.  Not now.  I’m not ready to spill my guts just yet on how I’ve felt about all of this.  I won’t lie, watching your mom go from healthy to very sick in a matter of a few months along with all of the changes it brings causes a lot of emotions.  A ton, really.  What I will say is this.  October may be Breast Cancer Awareness Month for some, and I was once one of them, but now, everyday has become Breast Cancer Awareness Day.  It’s the new normal.


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