Bonfires and Bluejeans

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Just gotta brag a second…

on October 8, 2011

     Sometimes, I’m guilty of not giving credit where credit is due.  No blame goes anywhere; it is what it is.  I usually get wrapped up in what’s going on around me (home, work, school, kids, mom, life) and just get tunnel vision.  So here’s my chance now.  And it’s gonna get a lil’ sappy up in here so get ready…
      I’ve always wanted to get my business degree and get a real big girl job, but that meant going to school and I just didn’t have the opportunities due to life and a lack of support and blah blah blah.  So…fast forward the 15 years I’ve been out of high school, and with a LOT of encouragement from Mr. Wonderful himself (I’m pretty sure there were some threats, and I’m wondering if I was even the one that actually signed the paperwork…) I’m now a college student.  And work full time.  And have kids.  And a full time relationship (okay couldn’t resist that one).  And worry/take care of my mom.  So it’s a lil’ busy in my world right now.  One thing that I knew when I first started thinking about going to school was that some things just weren’t gonna get done.  I would have to have a new set of priorities, and whoever didn’t like it could come and fold the laundry for me.   
     Here’s where the credit goes out…cause I wouldn’t be able to get all my stuff done, and without the stress or worry about the things I felt would be going undone because of Sean’s unselfish, giving nature.  He has stepped up to the plate and gone so much more above and beyond to help out…day after day he pitches in, even when he’s exhausted or would much rather go hang out with his buddies or relax after a long day.  Instead, he’s folding laundry, washing dishes, and fixing amazing suppers.  He’s gone to the grocery store, herded the kids around, and made sure I had everything I needed to study.  He’s there to get me stuff before I even know I need it!  One of my favorite things is looking up at work and seeing his smiling face standing there with a coke and whatever my favorite treat is for the week.  All without so much of a complaint or an expectation of something in return.  When I’m down, he knows when I need encouragement to keep going.  When I have no energy, he’s right there cheering me on.  He appreciates me, finds my strengths and shows me what what qualities I have to offer.  If I’m feeling frustrated with school, he’s right there to give me pointers, or to jump in there and do what he can to lighten my load.     
     I have never in my life, and I really am not exaggerating here, met anyone that is so selfless, giving, and considerate.  When he loves, it shows in everything he does.  I am very blessed to be able to be on the receiving end of that love.  The way he puts others needs before his, despite what he wants, all without selfish motives, speaks a lot about his character.  I tell him often that these are the qualities that I have prayed for, for quite a while, and he has those, plus a lot of others I didn’t realize I wanted, too.  He’s nothing short of an answer to prayers, and a blessing to me, the kids, and anyone blessed enough to know him.  I just hope that I can be everything that he deserves…cause this fella deserves the world! 
     I do have to say though…I don’t know anyone who will be as excited as I will when I finally graduate than him!!


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