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Call me Cinderella

on October 12, 2011
He even knows my favorite kind of flower.

     A few weeks ago, we passed a magic day in the household…the time when the clock strikes midnight…the day when in most relationships when the carriage turns back into a pumpkin and I turn back into the lowly, floor scrubbing, ugly dress wearing step daughter.  Translation:  Honeymoon’s over.  All the sweet stuff stops: no more flowers, sweet notes, kind gestures.  Going out of the way for each other.  No more effort but still the expectations.  But the clock keeps tickin’ on in this fairytale.  It’s past midnight and no signs of stopping, for either one of us.  How do I know, you ask?  Well, lemme just show you, rather than just tell you.  But I’m going to tell you, too so don’t get worried.
     Every single morning, I have a certain routine.  I wake up to my alarm (I will never understand the people who wake up before it.  NEVER).  I walk downstairs to make my coffee…that’s already set up and ready for me to just push the start button.  Then, while that’s cookin’, I go to the front door.  No, I don’t go outside…cause that would be weird.  I go to the front door cause there is a dry erase board hanging there that once was used for general notes that has now been taken over for the strict purpose of love notes.  I know, I know.  It’s oooey gooey.  But it works for us; we leave each other notes dang near every single day.  Sometimes they’re funny; sometimes they’re serious.  Either way, they start they day off on a positive note, going out of our ways to make the effort to show each other how we feel.  It’s not much, but it’s something.

One of my surprises!

     If all of that didn’t make you go ahhhh…than this is gonna make you see how high the pedestal I’ve been put on really is.  Since our first date,  there hasn’t been a day to go by that I haven’t had fresh flowers in the house; either picked or bought.  That’s for over a year.  Over 52 weeks.  Over 365 days.  That’s big.  I know girls who’ve had 1 bouquet of flowers in a year.  And the best part is that I find flowers in the best places too…sometimes it’s a single flower in the seat of the truck in the morning or a small bouquet in the shower (that one makes me smile when I open the shower curtain to jump in first thing in the morning)…I’ve even found them in my purse when I’m at work digging around for something else.  I’m a very blessed and loved girl!!  I swear that boy never stops amazing me…

     All of this to say: I’m finally living the fairytale every little girl dreams of.  Not because of the things Sean does for me; the flowers, sweet notes and surprises are a huge bonus.  Because I’m loved and appreciated for who I am and for what I have to offer; I’m finally worth the effort.  


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