Bonfires and Bluejeans

Randoms from my spot next to the fire

Pumpkins were harmed making this

on October 18, 2011

     Ever have one of those weekends that after it’s over with you sit back and say “dang I wish that could have lasted longer”?  Not that all of our weekends aren’t like that; I could seriously use an extra day or 3 every single one.  But.  This past one was just a great time all the way around.  Well, how did we spend it?  Let me give you the quick run down of things:

Best seat in the house.

Friday night we really didn’t do anything.  The four of us had the gourmet supper of chicken nuggets and home style fries…homemade, I should add.  Homemade as in poured from the bag and onto the baking sheet.  I made these kids homemade cinnamon rolls the other weekend that were to die for so there.  I do cook.  After supper we kicked back in our pj’s and watched our usual shows till we all crashed.  Normal way to wind it down after a busy week.  Besides, Saturday was when the real fun was to be had.
     So on Saturday, I thought it to be a grand idea to take the kids shopping for new boots.  And Jax needed jeans.  Cause my kids are the only ones that can outgrow their clothes and shoes at the exact same time.  Every other family can at least spread theirs out over the year.  But not mine.  Anyways.  After waking up at the crack of dawn (seriously.  It’s a weekend so the kids think they have to wake up early.  Go figure.), we trekked out on the search to locate said boots, as well as jeans for Jax.  Two hours later and $sdjfhdkh dollars spent (real numbers will not be divulged to protect the innocent) we walked out with one frazzled mama, two pairs of new boots, 2 pairs of new jeans, and a new belt for Jax.  Whew.  By then I was pooped and it was only 11. 

Jordy’s working hard!


     Fast forward to the relaxing…and the football game that was incredible to watch.  Tyler got to join us at this point, and the kiddos went berserk when he showed up.  All was happy in the kingdom of kids, especially when the planning of the pumpkin carvin’ party started.  Yes, it’s carvin’.  Don’t try and correct me.  Pumpkins that were scattered, uncut, all over the front porch were getting plans made for them.  The idea of running wild and free and cutting things with real knives got their blood pumping!  So with hot dogs, all the sides and desserts with pumpkin you could imagine and cokes for the kids and beer for the big kids to fill our bellies, we dug into the pumpkins.  There was so much goo flingin’ and flyin’…not one kid didn’t have their hands filthy with it all the way up to their elbows.  The kids were entertained for hours (yippee!) and had smiles on their faces the whole time.  Cue up the fire and relaxing while the kids ran off to play and not only did we end up with some pretty exhausted kiddos but some pretty cool pumpkins too.   

Best part: sleepy babies!

      Needless to say Sunday was just a calm, quiet day for the 5+ of us.  We hated to send Tyler off, and after he hit the road I actually got to take a nap while Jax finished up homework.  Not sure what else happened while I snoozed…but I guess it’s all good.  We really didn’t have anything going on except spending time together and relax.  Those are the best way to spend a Sunday in my book. 
I could sure use about a lifetime of weekends like these…a mix of things to do
along with down time.  I absolutely love my life!

 Jax is such a perfectionist…his pumpkin had to be just right.


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