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Sorry kids, I’m never gonna be normal!

on October 21, 2011

      I love having kids.  I could be all sentimental here and go on and on about how they have saved my life, brought me out of some of the darkest times imaginable, and made me laugh when I never thought it would be possible again.  The are fun to snuggle, buy things for, and teach ornery things to.  But.  Because I happen to be a not so traditional parent, my kids have gotten the benefit of having a rather “entertaining” childhood.  The most common phrase heard ’round the house of late happens to be “Mom, why can’t you just be a normal Mom?”.  Well, kids, cause I can’t.  I refuse to drive a minivan (no offense to those that do; it’s just not me) and I will NEVAH wear mom jeans (again, no offense).  I am more of a sing along with the song at the store~loudly~in order to embarrass my kids, or do the potty dance myself, just cause one of them has to pee… so that means I just better do the dance.  We all make sacrifices for our kids, right? 

These poor children deserve a normal mom.

     But.  My one area of pride and joy is this: I love answering a random, age appropriate question with an off the wall, even more random, totally wrong answer.  Like this:  “Mom, why is the sky blue?”  “Well, Jordy, cause God got mad at all the little blue Smurfs that were up there and crushed them with His feet.  So it made a pretty, blue rug for him to walk on, cause there were soooo many little blue Smurfs up there.  Point is, Jordy, don’t make God mad.  And try not to step on little blue people”  Now.  Jordy’s big brown eyes will get even bigger and rounder in amazement while trying to figure this all out.  Jax, on the other hand, is on to me.  His response?  Usually accompanied with eye rolling and sighing… “No, Mom, really.  Why is the sky blue?”  So for the fun game with Jax I take the opposite approach.  Just to tweak it a little bit I tell him the truth.  Yep.  The truth.  But I go way over board and tell him in such scientific detail that it just blows his ever lovin’ mind.  His response?  Usually accompanied with eye rolling and sighing… “No, Mom, really.  Why is the sky blue?”  Can’t win for losing.  Funny though that my son just doesn’t believe the first thing I say, even if it is the truth (now that is just SAD).

Don’t let ’em fool ya.  I’ve rubbed off on them just enough to make them fun!

     Either way, I choose to have fun.  I choose to be a fun mom.  And we laugh.  A lot.  I embarrass them.  A lot.  I have a feeling I will hear the question of when will I ever be a normal mom way more than I will ever care to count.  Someday, though, they will appreciate it.  When they realize that I wasn’t one of “those” moms.  The stuffy, proper kind.  We won’t ever have the Leave it to Beaver life.  I will never be Jane.  June.  Jean.  Whatever.  Point is, I will never feel obligated to “perform” to that standard.  The house won’t be spotless.  The kids won’t always be kept clean, or the best behaved…they do act a lot like me, after all.  Lucky lil’ things.  They will be loved, though.  And they will laugh.  A lot.  I know I may not ever actually hear a “thank you” for it.  I will know how happy they were as kids by how much they will laugh as adults (I hear teenagers don’t laugh, or smile so much.  I will just have to wait till after that stage).  Or at least I will tell myself that.   Look on the bright side…they will have lots of things to talk to their therapist about!

How we know we’re having a good time: click RIGHT HERE. RIGHT NOW.
PS.  Uncle Nathan does know how to read.  He’s rather smart, actually.  Not sure where she got that.

I am one proud mama right now…who wants to have plain ‘ol normal kids, anyways?


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