Bonfires and Bluejeans

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Adrenaline Junkies!!

on October 23, 2011

Boo!  Scared ya, huh?

      We love being scared.  Sean and I get our kicks with scary movies and TV shows…you  could say that we are adrenaline junkies, and the best way to get our fix is by getting the pee scared outta us.  Several times a day, at a minimum, we go out of our way to try to scare each other; sneak attacks or just straight up shrecks meant to make each other scream like a girl is a daily goal.  That being said, it was only natural to spend a bit of our Saturday at the movies watching Paranormal Activity numero 3.  The second we first saw the preview, we knew we had to see it, and the only place to watch these kinds of movies is in a theater.  It was packed, even at the matinee show.  We made our way all the way down to the third row, and got ourselves settled in for a fright.
     One reason I absolutely love being a girl that’s loved by a big, strong, protective guy is that during a scary movie, those big, strong, muscledy arms sure come in handy!  I never let go of him, and during the make you jump scenes, I caught myself burying my face in his arm, too.  Poor fella is gonna have some bruises left on him where I was squeezing!  There were plenty of jump out at you scenes in the movie to feed our adrenaline habit.
     The fun didn’t stop once the movie was over, either.  We walked out of the theater, talking about how blown away at the ending we were (no spoiler here!) and were hit with a crazy, stormy sky.  The lightning and thunder added to the extra alert ambiance of the evening.  Even while fixing supper together, we managed to play around, trying to scare each other.  Stomping up and down the stairs, banging on the doors…the works.  We have such a great time, and spent most of the night, like most nights, laughing our heads off.

     All I know, is that the fun won’t end.  I have never, ever laughed more than I have in my life…whether it’s me being locked in the HUGE pitch black closet after the door “slammed” behind me and the light went out with a horrible pterodactyl sounding screech (Sean followed me upstairs and waited till I went in the huge walk in closet…turned out the light that is on the outside of the closet and slammed the door while screaming.  Funny guy.)…or it’s me setting Jaxton’s motion activated skull to go off and say “Hey!  Where do you think you’re goin?” when Sean walked by…when I wasn’t home.  And imagining the scream…and him admitting that it didn’t just get him once…but twice.  That will make your heart stop!  We have fun.  We make life fun.  We laugh so much that our stomachs hurt.  The kids have just as an important roll in the trickery; we all plan different “surprises” for each other.  Nobody can say we don’t have fun.  Not one person can say we don’t laugh or smile or make life a little easier.  We make memories…even if our lives are shortened by a few months every time we get the pee scared out of us.                   


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