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Pigs in a blanket, silly string, and a 38 year old man

on October 26, 2011

How would you celebrate the man in your life turning 38?  Getting a sitter for a night on the town, complete with a fancy dancy supper with menu items neither one of you can pronounce?


Would it include gifts that cost more than a months salary, from all of the finest stores?  Piles of the most artistically wrapped presents he has ever seen before? 
Maybe even give him something to celebrate his maturity (ahem..)?



Around our house, if you’re expecting something like that, we would just grab you by your sweet lil’ cheeks and yell WAKE UP!!  Here is more or less what happens when the man around our house turns 38..
We have pigs in a blanket and mac-n-cheese for supper (his choice).
His gift from us was a new bible that he desperately needed.
(We had his name put on it…so he wouldn’t forget it in his older age.)
The gift to keep him young was the kids idea…ahem…watch the video below…

This was ALL the kids idea…poor Sean was given the surprise attack of a lifetime!  I only caught a few seconds of it on video…
It may not be how anyone else would rate a fantastic birthday, but to us, there is no better way than spending them with those you love…minus one kiddo.  I know he would have loved to have joined in on the chaos too!
Happy 38th baby…hope we are never too old to have pigs in a blanket and silly string for our birthdays.  Better watch out…even the nursing home won’t be off limits!  We love you!! 


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