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My Big Surprise (all 25 of ’em!)

on December 1, 2011

     On the last page of my Thankfulness Blog, I squealed with delight about the big surprise I was making for Sean and that I could barely keep it to myself.  Well…I finally got it all put together, and thought I would share a little bit about it.  But first…the back story…
     One of my goals of late is to make sure I show Sean, in some way or another, every single day that I love him (cheesy, I know.  But necessary.).  No big dramatic production needed, just some small gesture or consideration I can do to let him know I’m thinking about him.  It’s what a girl’s gotta do to make sure her man is happy and loved, ya know??  Plus, I want the kids to know that this is normal…not fighting and unhappiness and all the crap they typically see in most marriages, either in real life or on TV.

     So.  I decided to throw together the 25 Days of Christmas.  It’s not really anything big, but everyday for 25 days Sean gets to pick a numbered, sealed letter.  They are either a small gift, an activity (no specifics here), or a fun game.  Nothing on this list cost me over like $10, so it’s really all about the ideas, and my own creativity.  And I won’t divulge any of the specifics until they have been opened!!  Here’s the plan going together:

Here’s what I started with…complete randomness!

Next step…wrapping the ribbon.  Don’t laugh.  It was harder than it looks!
Now for the bows…this may be my way to show my man some love, but I can still add a girly touch, can’t I?

Final touch…add the notes.  All 25 of ’em!

      I realize I’m no Martha Stewart.  Never really want to be, actually.  This is just my way of doing something out of the ordinary for one of the most extraordinary people I know.  I could have gone all fancy pants on the decorating, but quite frankly, it’s been a long week…and Sean won’t mind.  He gets the idea either way.  So, this is how we are celebrating the 25 days of Christmas around here…one day atta time!


2 responses to “My Big Surprise (all 25 of ’em!)

  1. I LOVE this idea!!! May have to try to get something like this together for Aleah and Michael. 🙂

  2. Jennifer says:

    They would love it! Finding 25 different things to use wasn't easy, but I did find and there are some great ideas about cheap/easy date ideas for dating your spouse. Love it! We plan to do this for the kids too…just for a week though!

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