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Bible study and bird lady…just my regurlar Sunday.

on December 5, 2011

     For the new year (yikes!!  That’s just right around the corner!) I’m looking into starting a new devotional.  But here’s my dilemma.  I don’t know what about, or by who, or anything.  I’m perplexed.  I looked into it a little bit today, but nothing really stood out and bit me in the butt.  I need one that’s quick cause of everything going on.  Gotta work it in with kids, love, work, school, finding house/moving, wedding, life…so there’s really a few minutes here and there that I have left to use.  Notice at this moment it’s 11 pm and I just finished up my homework for the night…story. of. my. life.  Needless to say, I would love it to be topical, and good (who doesn’t) and fit where I am in my life.  Maybe something about building new families, second marriage…stuff like that.  IDEAS??!!

     On another, funnier note.  We went to look at what we thought could be a great house today.  The possible forever house.  Well.  It was interesting, to say the least.  I thought our house got loud, especially when all the kids are here.  I thought wrong.  Before we even walked all the way up to the front porch, the realtor turned to me and said, “Oh, by the way.  The lady raises birds.  Inside.”  And she did.  Loud ones.  Like the kind that were so loud you couldn’t hear yourself think.  At lease one of them entertained the kids while we looked around…cause it said hello.  A lot.  This had to be the craziest, loudest, birdiest (it’s a new word, now) house we have ever been in.  And the funny thing is, the bird lady wants a LOT for it.  Like a whole lot too much.  But that didn’t stop Jax from saying…several times…that we would take it.  And that he loved it.  And that he had the money to buy it.  Sweet boy.  So tomorrow night, when I get off work, we are going to go look at another, quieter house.  This one doesn’t have a hot tub (booo!) but it doesn’t have a bunch of fine feathered friends, either.  Or a bunch of work that needs to be done.  At all.  And truth is, I’m okay with that.  (See that list of things I got going above.) 

     So between me finding a bible study, the bird lady house, the kids putting together ginger bread houses (oh wait…it was mama who ended up doing a couple of them so far.  Figures) and homework…this mama is pooped.  Oh and day 4 of the 25 days of Christmas countdown was a success, too!  Day 3, maybe not as much.  That was a bit of trash talk, to set the mood for the game last night (seems to have worked…yay POKES!) and this morning’s treat for the man o’ the house was a special present under the tree that the kids and I put together…full of fun little candy treats.  That we liked.  Cause he really does like to share with us…a lot.

     Well that just about sums up the day for us…exciting, I know.  I’m.  Off.  Ta’.  Bed.


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