Bonfires and Bluejeans

Randoms from my spot next to the fire

Overheard about the fireflies…

on December 6, 2011

     I’m home sick today with a fever, and general yuckiness…needless to say I’m already bored and it’s only 10:30.  I’ve already napped and there is absolutely nothing on daytime TV…well nothing but trashy stuff.  Anyways.  At the moment, I have CMT on and have been dozing off and on (forgive me if this makes no sense at all….blame it on the illness) and the song “All Your Life” by The Band Perry just came on a bit ago.  I love that song…if you’ve never heard it before, then click HERE to get it.  Love it.  Anyways, there’s a line that says “Would you catch a couple thousand fireflies…put ’em in a lamp to light my world?” 
     That line opened my eyes to a lesson I needed reminded of…in a good way.  I had jumped into the shower one day this past weekend, and when I was done, happened to peek over the landing to Sean and the kiddos who were downstairs.  That song was on, and I overheard Sean tell Jax “One day, I’m going to catch a couple thousand fireflies for your mom.”  Wow.  Talk about one of those moments that take your breath away.  And I really couldn’t say anything cause I was in my towel and all…plus I didn’t want them to think I was checking in on them!  I was in a perfect place at a perfect time.  It just reminded me, though, of how much we are being watched, whether we know it or not.  Good, bad, and ugly, all of my actions and words can…and will…be seen and heard.  I did tell Sean later that I heard what he said, and by the surprised look and blushing on his face, he certainly didn’t intend for me to hear that.  How many things do we do and say that we don’t intend for others to see or hear?  I know I am very guilty of this one; I have kids looking up to me, and I really need to be accountable for all they see me do and hear me say.  I’m notorious for the smarty pants comments under my breath, and Jaxton has definitely picked up on that skill from me.  While it’s not a necessarily bad quality to have, it doesn’t need to be used for negative.  Cause let’s be honest…our funny, on the spot remarks is what makes us lovable!! 
     I know that Sean will probably kill me (not literally, only with love!) for putting what he said in my blog, but since I got to use it for a good lesson, I’m sure he will understand…funny how lessons are in little things all over the place.  Such is life! 


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