Bonfires and Bluejeans

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I found the dress!!

on December 12, 2011

     So it’s nearly midnight…well now it’s midnight.  I just turned in my final and am now outta school for a much needed three week break (yay!).  But the reason I’m up turning in papers at the deadline is for a pretty special reason…
     Today was such a special day for me.  I was so blessed to be able to go shopping for my wedding dress!  Not only is that, in and of itself, a perfect day, but I got to be with two of the best lil’ sisters a girl could ask for!  I have been so blessed to have friends here in Stillwater over the years that have shown me love far beyond what normal friendship is…they’re now family.  So we got to do what sisters do…have fun shopping!
     We had the appointment at David’s Bridal…every girl’s first stop shop for the dress.  I honestly didn’t have very high hopes, only because it’s an off the rack place and I wanted to shop around to find what I was wanting.  I had a specific idea in mind, and since we aren’t really going the traditional route, I figured it would be a little more difficult to find the dress I wanted.  So we had the appointment with Jamie (LOVE HER!!) and had such a great time laughing and having at the other girls in there (trust me…you would have too).  And then it happened.
     I slipped on the first dress.  And the heavens opened up and a choir of heavenly angels started singing…okay.  Maybe not.  But when I put that dress on and slipped my boots on (yep.  I’m doing boots.  It’s freaking awesome.) I had the attention of the whole entire place with how good I looked.  I absolutely loved it.  Never to be one to buy the first dress, I tried on a few more, but none had that pizzow that the first one had.  Apparently my face lit up…and judging from the pictures, you could see my smile a mile away. 
     Like my mama said today…I found the boy I love…now I have the dress I love.  And when I said I hope the boy I love loves the dress I love…she summed it all up perfectly, in a way only she can.  That boy loves you so much he would marry you even if you were in a potato sack.  I’m thinking he would, too. 
     I’m counting down the days (285, to be exact) till I get to marry my best friend.  And I’m gonna do it wearing the best freaking dress anyone has ever seen.  With a cool flower in my hair.  Oh.  And I’m gonna be rockin’ some pretty killer boots, too. 


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