Bonfires and Bluejeans

Randoms from my spot next to the fire

Heeeere fishy fishy!!

on December 13, 2011

     I know I’ve left out some of the days on the 25 Days of Christmas production currently under way in the abode, so here’s the update.  At least a few of the days.  Some of them are just between us, cause that’s just how it be.  Yesterday, Sean found that his note that had something to the effect of how he would have to go fishing for his surprise today.  Well…if you knew us, you would know how much we love to fish, either just the two of us or all together with the family.  Apparently, he searched all around the fish tank (wise thinking) and all through the fishing supply closet, too (smart fella).  But his special treat wasn’t in either spot.  What he got was pretty cute…if you ask me.  And a surprise, too.  Not what he expected, either.  Since we met at a fish fry, this went along perfectly with “our story”.  Here is the gist of the idea…

Yep, my smart readers, they’re yummy Swedish Fish!

     To the box of fish I attached a handwritten note saying “Since the day at the fish fry, you’ve o”fish”ally had my heart!” and put it where he would see it.  Out in the open.  Not hidden amongst the mass o’ stuff that is the fishing gear.  He loved it.  And the hard work paid off…cause I got to join in the fun of eating the fish, too.  Cause my baby loves to share. 🙂
     To follow up with yesterday’s fishy theme, today’s special surprise was a sweet note (at least in my opinion!) about the actual night we met…at the fish fry.  Get it?  Going with the roll here.  Although, that was totally unplanned.  But it worked out well.  That’s how good I am. 🙂
     And since there’s nothing really on the “agenda” for tonight, and it’s just the two of us…ahem…I’m thinking maybe supper in and a movie.  No better way to spoil my love and show him how much I appreciate him on a cold, dreary winter’s night!


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