Bonfires and Bluejeans

Randoms from my spot next to the fire

Workin’ for supper

on December 15, 2011

     I have to admit…I’m struttin’ my stuff around here tonight.  I win the award for most creative fiance/girl in the county.  For todays 25 Days of Christmas idea, I sent Sean on a scavenger hunt.  For supper.  Not a big deal, you say, but he is the one that usually does supper, since I have homework most nights and all.  This morning, his note informed him that he will be working to find his supper tonight.  And the fun began…
     The idea of the scavenger hunt was that he had to bring some of the different things for supper…problem is, he had to search around to find them.  I made up clues that would lead him to different things we would need for supper (plates, silverware, beer…you get the idea).  It all ended up with a picnic supper, complete with fried chicken (KFC style), blanket, and candlelight.  In the living room floor!  I started out easy enough.  We have our little message board that we write notes to each other on every day, and since our front door is metal, and the board has magnets, I wrote him his first clue and left it on the outside of the door.  That way he wouldn’t miss it.  I even left on it the explicit instruction of do no go searching for any other clues until I said so…he swears he didn’t.  Each clue led him to find an item for supper.  The last clue was attached to the blanket that was under the Christmas tree, telling him that his supper was actually a picnic.  The blanket is pretty significant…it’s the one that we had our first date on (lakeside picnic complete with KFC) and the one he had spread out at the same lake when he proposed.  That blanket is a keeper!  After work I ran through the drive-thru and picked up supper.  After I sent him away upstairs for a bit, I put the finishing touches on the hunt, and slipped the food inside the blanket that was under the tree.  And away he went on the hunt!
     He did the search…all through the kitchen he went, looking for the different items we needed for supper.  Finally, he got to the blanket under the Christmas tree (“I was wondering why the blanket was under the tree” he says) and unwrapped the food.  Total surprise!  Can’t beat a good fried chicken supper.  We had an amazing, relaxing time, plus it was a fun sitting back and watching put it all together…definately gonna use this idea again somehow. 


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