Bonfires and Bluejeans

Randoms from my spot next to the fire

Oh, brother.

on December 19, 2011

     I don’t have a big brother.  If I did, I imagine he would be a lot like Jax is towards Jordy.  He pesters, annoys, and all in all pushes her around.  I tell her that when she grows up, nobody in the world will be able to bully her or take advantage of her because of her mean big brother and that all of this being picked on will make her stronger in the end.  Sometimes I get lucky and it dries her tears.  But sometimes, he gets lucky.  Today was his day.

     Today, the four of us enjoyed a decent winters day by playing at a local park.  Yes, even I joined in for some monkey bar time, too.

     By all accounts, this was actually a nice, fight free afternoon.  Nobody got hurt, and for the most part, they left each other well enough alone.  But I should have known something was up.   

     Oh the innocence.  Don’t let his sweet smile fool ‘ya.  He’s up to something.  I’m his mom and nobody knows him like I do.  Poor Jordy doesn’t have a clue…

     Told ya.  Yep.  That is spit hanging out of his mouth.  Still, Jordy is clueless…and her smile is even bigger.  Probably because Sean and Jax are cracking up.

Warning: If you are the least bit squeamish and boys being boys is something that might not agree with you, look away as you scroll past this next picture.  Trust me.

     At least he had the gumption to turn his head away at the last second.  And for that, I am actually kind of surprised.  And still…poor, poor Jordy is unaware of what is transpiring right above her head.

     And here’s the one that I think is so funny.  Look at the pride on that boy’s face.  His grin is from ear to ear…he is just beaming.  And Jordy hasn’t budged. 

Had she known what was going on above her, I think she would have looked something like this:


     I was unaware of all of this actually happening until later when I scrolled through the pictures.  Honestly, had I seen what was going on, there would have been an intervention.  I am the mom, after all.  And no funny pictures.


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