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It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year…

on December 27, 2011

     I am in awe of how our holidays have been this year.  Never before have I been able to sit back, relax, and really reflect with a positive attitude the day after Christmas.  In years past, I have been stressed, irritated, and pulled in more directions than I ever cared to go and usually by suppertime of the 26th I was already dreading the next year’s holiday season.  Looking back, I have to say that some of my most down, depressed times were during the Christmas season, so that only makes sense that it would bring around so much angst.  Seems that this most wonderful time of the year doesn’t always bring about the most wonderful kinds of feelings for everyone.  But, as time goes on and things change…situation changes can bring around new outlooks and attitudes can change, too.  Thank God.  Because I am sitting here, the day after Christmas, with a ton of things to do, but not feeling one ounce of stress.  I enjoyed this Christmas season more than I ever have before in my adult life.  Sharing it with the ones I love, seeing their happiness, made the little bit of frustration I did feel well worth it.

The relaxed, happy family.  Nope.  No stress here!

     All through the kids’ lives, they have known the truth about Santa.  I never agreed with the philosophy of telling them the truth from the get-go, but I never had a say so in the issue.  Well, the kids were really wanting to believe, so Sean and I really made it a point to make Santa as “real” as possible to them that we could.  We were doing okay; they each had moments of doubt and belief.  After the letter writing, stories, and movies we could cram down their throats, the culminating moment was when “Santa” himself called them on the phone Christmas Eve.  “Santa”, or better known as Mikey the future brother in law, sounds just like the jolly ‘ol man himself.  He seemed to know everything about the kids, and their faces just lit up every time he said something about them.  Jax, being himself, decided he would try and “trick” this Santa, and asked him the hardest question he could think of.  Who was the mayor of the town where he lived when he first started delivering presents?  I cringed thinking the gig was up.  But, without missing a step, Santa knew the answer.  Bergermeister Meisterberger.  All those years of cartoons really do pay off!!  After a very personalized note from him to each kid based on that phone call and they are believers.  Like Jax said…”You really do exist!”  One more year, at least, Santa is as real as he can be.

Jaxton…trying to trick Santa Clause.
Jordy’s face lit up like a Christmas light when Santa called her.

      Before Sean came into our lives, the kids never experienced shopping for gifts for me.  Whether it was for birthdays, Christmas, or Mother’s Day, they never had the chance to go and pick out whatever they thought I would want.  They absolutely love being able to do that.  And I appreciate Sean for taking them shopping (this year was on Christmas Eve…crazy guy).  Jaxton picked me out a beautiful necklace and earring set that is perfect.  He knows I like things that sparkle, and its a chain with a sparkly cross in my favorite color combo of purple and blue and black.  He really knows my taste…and put a lot of time into picking out the perfect one.  Jordy chose to start a charm bracelet for me.  The first one she got for me was the bracelet chain that had a clear heart that you can put small trinkets inside of.  She put a “J”, a small girl that has her birthstone on her shirt, and a small tag that says “I love Jesus”.  She chose each one, and I look forward to the many years of adding to it with the unique, special charms that signify the different events of our lives.  I loved taking the kids shopping to pick out Sean’s gifts, as well.  Jax thought he needed a new basketball (what guy doesn’t ?) and Jordy was pretty confused as to why he would need a “mouse” until we went to the electronics section and picked one out…since he asked for one.  The looks on their faces when we opened up our gifts that they chose were priceless.
     I am so blessed to have the family that I do.  Every single day, I thank God for them, and for bring our lives together.  We have all been excepted into each other’s families, and that is never more evident than at the holidays.  Tyler is included in the gift giving, even though he has yet to meet my mom.  The kids are just as loved and included in the Eisensmith side, as well.  They talk all about their cousins…that list has grown immensely…seemingly overnight!  There is so much love and acceptance all around.  Family has a new meaning to us now.

I would say this is a successful holiday season.  Baby girl has the right idea!  If you can find her, that is.



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