Bonfires and Bluejeans

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New Beginnings…

on January 4, 2012

     Something about January puts me in the “change” frame of mind.  All the new beginnings and looking ahead brings about a new burst of energy to get stuff done.  With that in mind, I’ve been on a roll!  Cleaned out the kid’s rooms, the kitchen and everything in between.  Much to the family’s dismay I must admit…along with the cleaning out of the old stuff, I’ve done a lot of thinking and planning about the near future and what I want to see happen.  Needless to say, we have a lot of stuff on our plate so change is to be expected!
     First and foremost, I refuse to make a list of mindless resolutions that I know are going to end up on the failure list.  This seems to be a common occurrence year after year, so this year, I’m avoiding the trouble all together.  I am, however, going to make my health and well being, both physical and spiritual, a priority.  Over the past several years, I have definitely put these things on the back burner, and with everything going on in our lives, I really need to be in my best shape to be able to manage effectively.  Short of the usual “eat better…lose weight”, I am resolving to drink more (or some!) water everyday, which means giving up the Coke that seems to be my usual companion through the day.  Sadly, water just doesn’t taste as good, but with a few heath issues of late, I know I need to.  Not giving up my caffeine entirely, though, because I would be a beast.  And nobody would want that, trust me.  As for the spiritual side, I am resolving to set aside time each day to pray/read the bible.  If I have the time to play on Facebook and Pinterest, than by all means I have the time to spend enriching my life for the better!  I’ve found some great resources that really seem to be tailored to where I am in my life right now, so that will help me on through this year of busyness!
     Something else I’m doing this year is completing one project per month.  This month, for January, Sean and I decided that by the end of the month we are going to have the housing situation all figured out and the ball rolling on purchasing our house.  We have several different ideas and options we are working on and it’s decision time…so setting that deadline to make the time to get this done is our first project.  That will be one less ball in the air we are juggling by month’s end, and needless to say, it’s a nice relief to see a light at the end of that tunnel!  It may not seem like a huge accomplishment to some, but to us…it is!
     2012 is shaping up to be a huge year for our family full of some exciting changes.  I know God has some awesome adventures for all of us, and by keeping our goals in sight the small challenges will seem much easier to overcome.  And I’ve learned the secret…by not bogging myself down with unattainable goals I know I can’t meet, I won’t get discouraged by February 12th, and think I’m a complete failure.  Tah dah!        


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