Bonfires and Bluejeans

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Just rollin’ with it…

on January 8, 2012

     Something I’ve really tried to instill in the kids is flexibility.  Being flexible in life…learning how to go with the flow when life throws the changes that inevitable come.  Because they will.  I’ve never met anyone who has gone through life and it go the way the have it all planned out.  And chances are, there hasn’t ever been anyone that hasn’t had a curve ball thrown their way now and again.  So far, they’ve done a great job at adjusting to the changes that they’ve had to face and the changes they’ve gone through.  What’s funny though, is that those changes never stop.  Even as adults our lives are constantly changing…the curve balls are still thrown our way.
     I am so blessed to have the kids and the family that is capable of handling change the way that they do.  The take everything in stride.  Not to say things don’t hurt, or that there aren’t setbacks, because they do, and there are.  There’s a ton of pain in life, and nobody is exempt.  We’ve gone through a lot of changes recently; most not a surprise and definitely not bad.  But change is change, and learning to adapt and work with the newness is where the flexibility comes into play.  I am so proud of how we can rally around each other and support each other, because that’s what families do.  We work together to make the best of any situation, and really go with the flow.  Going through the adjustment period will take time, but through everything we grow closer and stronger. 
     If everything always stayed the same, we wouldn’t learn to rely on God, or each other.  We wouldn’t pull together, turn in towards each other, or face adversity or change with the strength that we have been given.  We, as a family, are a team.  We back each other up.  Help each other out.  Not one of us could do it all alone or pull the weight of the other.  All of us have to be flexible or none of this would work out.  In the end, we are learning all about flexibility, grace, and the ultimate meaning of family.  We might not be the “traditional” definition of a family, but then again…when have I ever been “traditional” in anything I do?  


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