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I’m a bawler…baby!

on January 23, 2012

     This past weekend, we were kid-free.  The two youngest were at their dads house, and the oldest went to visit his mom.  Once we got back from Tulsa after making one of the kid exchanges, we were trying to decide what to do for the evening.  Being that we had no kids, and no plans, we were ready to roll for the night.  So what did we do??  We had already had supper earlier, so that ruled that out.  And it was beyond freezing cold and windy, so anything outside was out, too.  Needless to say, it was Friday after an especially long week for the both of us, so neither of us was really looking forward to staying up and out too late.  After ruling out a few options, we settled for renting a movie.  Exciting, I know.
     Even better was the way we chose the movie.  It was so blasted windy and cold, and neither of us wanted to stand outside at the movie rental thingy to scroll through the endless amount of stupid movies, so we literally picked the first one up…Courageous.  We both wanted to see it anyways, so that worked out well.  I’m usually not one for the kitschy sort of movies, but this particular one kinda seemed good, so we figured what the heck.
      We got all comfy…snuggled on the couch…and really figured we would both be snoozing before the movie got good.  We were that tired.  But we attempted it…and got the movie rolling.  And it actually got pretty good, pretty quick.  So good, in fact, that I was bawling.  Not just a welling up, kinda wiping my eye with a corner of a tissue kind of bawling.  I’m talking laying on Sean’s arm…with a puddle of tears and snot on him, poor fella.  Sobbing.  And I HATE to cry…avoiding it at all costs.  The movie was that good.  It really showed me, at least, where I needed to improve as a parent (a whole lotta places) and yet see where we, together, are really succeeding as parents as well.  It was a very sobering and humbling experience to say the least.  
     I have really set aside extra time since Friday night to thank the good Lord above that I have found someone that takes parenting seriously, especially since he (A.) doesn’t have to love the kids the way he does.  (B). takes the time to show love and support to his own son, regardless of the situation.  (C). is someone that others could really learn a lot from about parenting.  Although he would seriously deny it.  The kids absolutely adore him, and I know that the feeling is mutual.  And not because he doesn’t correct them and discipline them, either.  Once, after having gotten on to Jax about something (probably messing with his sister or something), Jax looked up and Sean and said…you are the nicest man I have ever met.  And was serious as he could be.  Not 15 minutes after he had gotten a nice long talking too.  That is great parenting, if you ask me.
     But I digress…back to the movie.  We did stay up and watch the whole thing.  With me blubbering like a fool the whole entire time.  And after it all was over, I have to say that it really opened up my eyes to see my weaknesses as a parent, even though it was really focused on fatherhood.  Nothing wrong with a little self-reflection, right?  After the movie, the first thing Sean said was “We have to buy that move”.  So I think it was a real winner around our place.  For more info about the movie, you can click here.  So we will be owning that movie…and every single time I watch it I will cry like a big ‘ol baby.   


2 responses to “I’m a bawler…baby!

  1. My Mom and Dad went to see it and said we needed to watch it so we rented it Friday, too…and I cried hysterically too! It really should come with a warning, specific to hormonal pregnant ladies. Particularly ladies who are pregnant with daughters. *Sob*

  2. Jennifer says:

    No kidding!! Not only for pregnant with a girl ladies but also for mom's with little girls. Who love to dance in parking lots. Blah. I could get all teared up just thinking about it.

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