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The Boy…The Myth…The Legend!!

     There are certain moments in parenting that either blow your mind, drive you crazy, leave you speechless, or else make you so proud you could bust.  Today was one of those “mama’s gonna bust with pride” days.  Jaxton had his first major tournament for Jiu Jitsu, and he was a nervous wreck.  This is a huge tournament that brings competitors in from all around the country…there were nearly a thousand there today alone.  Being that it was Jax’s first time to compete, he really wasn’t sure what to expect.  He has worked his little tail off, and has spent lots of time in the gym, and working with his dad, who also competes.  So after a super-duper early morning where we hit the road at about 7:30, we rolled on down to OKC.  After waiting 3 hours, Jax was finally up.

PS. These pics are totally unedited.  Cause I just couldn’t wait for “someone” to edit them. 🙂

The magic ring…


He a bundle of nerves right about now.

Gettin’ started with a friendly handshake.

Breaking out of an arm bar.  Like a pro.

If heart and try won gold medals he would have a thousand.

      There was just enough time to gather our thoughts, eat a power bar (yummy?) and get some energy from a little drink of coke (yummy!) before he was off for another match.  This one proved to be the hardest one of the day, since these two boys were pretty well matched.  They rolled into double overtime, and had they had another 10 seconds, Jax would have had him.  Come to find out, this kid had also had about 4 tournaments under his belt as well, so he knew what to expect and what he was doing.  Jax learned an important lesson during this tounament: there are other people out there to fight other than the other kids at the gym and his dad!

Looks like he’s enjoying himself.  Mama…not so much.


These two boys gave all they had during this match.  I was so proud of Jax.


After double overtime, neither one had the energy to even stand up!

But the bronze medal sure made the effort worth it!

      We had another short break…well enough for Jax to take a quick power nap and fuel up for the next phase of the tournament.  The first part was the “no ghee” competition.  This is the “if I met you in a dark alley in your street clothes, this is how we would square off and tussle” kind of match.  This is more difficult, because when they wear their ghees (uniforms with the robe and belt), they have more “grip” and can throw around more holds and there’s a lot more action involved.  This is Jax’s favorite way to fight.  So next up…the ghee tournament!

These boys showed up ready to rumble!

This match flew by…they were throwing each other around like they were nothin’!

He got his picture behind the coveted sign…along with the silver medal!  Two medals to show for his hard work makes for a happy boy.

      I realize that I’m going to sound partial here, but I have to take a second to really brag on my boy.  He showed he has the heart of a champion during this tournament.  No, he didn’t win a first place sword.  But.  He didn’t pout.  Didn’t throw a fit.  Didn’t say he’s never doing this again.  Instead, he kept his head up, marched out on that mat, and did his job.  He worked hard and did everything that was asked of him, with everything he had.  Sadly, because he is a bit small for his age, he got bumped up to the next weight division.  Some of these kids were 10+ lbs heavier than he is.  And they were running like crazy on the treadmills trying to drop weight (don’t EVEN get me started on that one!!).  He walked in that ring just as he was, fighting experienced, older, heavier kids than he was.  And boy did he kick butt!!  He fought with pride, determination, and kept his cool head every single time.  And never quit.  Not once.  My heart literally swelled up with love and pride every time I looked at him.  And what made the day even better is hearing Jordy holler for her big brother and threaten every kid he went up against.  Literally.  That boy is so loved and such a blessing to all of his family…and to all that know and love him. 

That is one proud mama right there.  But I’m sure it’s not obvious at all.
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Our newest baby…with pics!

     So there’s some big news ’round here.  We made an offer on a house…and it was accepted!!  Along with all the terms of the contract.  Those were all in our favor and never countered on.  Prayer really does work!  When Sean and I were talking about what we wanted in a house, this one has EVERYTHING we talked about.  Funny how God can work all that out.  Even though we are still in the very early stages of the buying process, we are very excited, and needless to say the kids are too!  We promised them a dog, and now we have to follow through.  Obviously, I’m not gonna post pics of the outside of the house, but I will do a few of the inside.  But trust me, the outside is perfectly homey and we couldn’t have picked anything better!

Here is the living room.  Love the fireplace…no so much the wall color.  But that’s easy to change!

Obviously the kitchen.  Needs a little updating, but it’s completely functional.  Not pictured is a huge pantry!

Master bedroom.  Love the ceiling, but need to update the fan and definitely paint.  We hate white walls!

Ahhh…master bath.  With separate shower.  And TWO walk in closets.  Yes.  TWO.  And it’s huge.

The kid’s bathroom upstairs.  This pic does not do the size justice.  It. Is. Huge.  Probably the size of 4 bathrooms put together of where we are now.

Those are just the highlights.  The two upstairs bedrooms are hugemongus.  Large landing at the top of the carpeted stairs.  Plenty of closet space.  An over sized garaged.  I seriously could go on and on.  And it’s fairly new.  And it’s a great deal.  We are so very blessed, and continue to be blessed every single day. 

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Hope Your Valentine’s Day is Filled with True Love!

      I read this earlier today…and seeing that it’s Valentine’s day, it really makes a lot of sense.  So I thought I would share…“I love you BECAUSE..” or “I love you IF..” are both conditional love. “I love you despite..” is unconditional~how God loves you.   
     I’ve been learning over the last year and a half that how God loves you is how a spouse (or future spouse, depending on where you are in life) should strive to love you.  There’s a reason it talks about it through the New Testament.  I have to admit…in years past, I equated the love of Christ as “conditional”…based upon what I was living and the situation during that time.  It was very conditional and performance driven.  But, through God’s incredible grace and mercy, I have been blessed to be able to see and experience it all on a much more personal and deeper level.  I see now that real, true love is unconditional.  I know this, because I can get hard to love at times and yet…I’m still loved!
     I see God’s true love through the service I get at home.  It’s the small, everyday courtesies.  There is not a day that goes by that Sean doesn’t do something for me…unasked.  Mind you, if I do need something, he is right there in a heartbeat, completely dependable, and there for me.  Just like my God.  But it’s the random, thoughtful things that blow my mind.  When I’m up super early to go work out…my truck is started to warm up.  If there is something we need from the grocery store…it’s there in the fridge.  When laundry needs done or dishes washed, they are done without any kind of fit thrown or expectation of anything in return.  I have never met anyone so willing to serve someone else in my life.  Not to mention considerate with gifts.  The flowers all the time…random Cokes…hot baths ready for me and foot rubs after long days.  All without me saying I need them.  He is such a blessing.  And how Christlike he is with showering me with gifts, based on my needs…even before I know I need them.
     When I prayed for someone who was like Christ in so many ways…I never imagined I would get someone like Sean.  And I never fully understood the depth of what that meant.  Seeing that in action has really opened my eyes to the full meaning, and how Christ really does love the Church.  And how Sean…and God…love me unconditionally.  

     So on this Valentine’s Day, I want to make sure that I show Sean how appreciative of him that I really am.  Actually I try to show him everyday.  And it’s funny how our lives really reflect our walks with Christ.  And how our goals are to show each other just how much we love and appreciate each other, and love each other unconditionally.  I am so in love with him…and our God!  And the blessings He is continually giving us are really blowing our minds!

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