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One Thing is for Sure…I Hate Taxes!

     I’m doing my taxes.  Actually, I’m really TRYING to read some of the info the IRS puts out on a few questions I have…then I will start my taxes.  So much stuff is hung up waiting for me to do it, that I’m feeling the pressure of getting it done.  My FASFA (school grants) funding is waiting and the earlier I get my taxes done the more money I usually get.  The mortgage broker is waiting for the tax return to get closer to buying the house of our dreams (we found it!).  So stinkin’ much is waiting on it!
     If you danced around naked in October 4 times, but not more than 8 times in November, you can deduct the percentage of the difference of dancing around naked in February.  But only if you attach schedule 514D.  Sheesh.  Talk about a freakin’ headache.  Not that I can’t do this myself, mind you.  Cause I can.  And I will.  Cause I’m hard headed and stubborn like that and my parents didn’t raise no fool.  Okay…got a little carried away there.  But you get the point.  I like the feeling of accomplishment when I get it done.  Although I really think this is gonna be the last year I do them myself.  Too many changes in store for 2012 to keep up with.  I’ll just pay the big bucks to someone else to do it.
     I really thought I was gonna have to pay in a chuck of cash this year because of the way I had done things (on purpose) but thankfully, because I’m a student and somebody at the IRS actually has a heart, it looks like I could possibly get a refund.  Nice.  I’m good with that.
      So I have to apologize now…if I’m grumpy, cranky, or just downright mean.  Blame it on the IRS and all their horrible rules and regulations.  Cause I am probably working on my taxes.

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