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The Evilness that is…Migraines

     Today while I was at work, I got one of those dreaded phone calls.  “Mama…my head hurts.  It’s a migraine.  I’ve had it all day.”.  I could tell it in his voice with the first word he spoke.  Nothing worse than knowing what’s in store for the rest of the evening…especially for him.  The worst part of it all is that meds usually don’t help.  So he usually has to sleep it off…but he can’t get to sleep because he gets so nauseated that, until he actually gets sick (unless we have the miracle drug Zofran on hand), he has to wait it out.  It sucks to have to watch. 
     So here we are…at home…him snoozing on the couch (snoring, actually) with his feet somehow all tangled up with me.  We left Jordy at school…for obvious reasons.  Nobody would get any rest around here with her bubbly self running around.  So we have to get this nap out of the way and headache licked in about an hour.  Cause we actually have an appointment with the realtor to look the house we want to buy again and show it to the kids this afternoon.  That’s if he feels better.  I’m crossing my fingers.
     I just hope and pray that he outgrows these headaches soon.  It’s uncommon for kids to get classic migraines, and even more so for boys.  Leave it to my kids to be especially unique.  Gotta love ’em!

My poor, sweet, baby boy. Don’t tell him I called him that, though.  He won’t like it.


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