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Just an update…

on February 9, 2012

     Since my Valentine’s Day surprise has continued every single night this month…I thought I would give a wee bit o’ an update on its progress.  Background: walked in from work on the 31st of January and found balloons lining the stairway…along with lots of Valentine decorations.  Each balloon had a card attached with a day written on the envelope.  The days were numbered 1-14.  I know…lots of beautiful balloons!!  Each night has been a sweet, love related (not always chick flick) movie.  We’ve got to spend 6 nights (so far) snuggled up on the couch together, enjoying each others company…as well as the kids at a couple of the them.  I’ve looked forward to them every day…some days it’s the only thing I’ve got to keep me going!!!  So far, here’s the list…

The Illusionist ***** (5 stars)  Great one!

Singing in the Rain ***** of course…it’s a classic.  Never mind it poured while we watched it.  Added to the ambiance!  Only Sean could do that.

Say Anything ** kinda weird 80’s movie…wouldn’t really recommend.

My Fair Lady ***** Another Classic.  I’d never seen it.  Everyone should.  Especially since he said I looked like Audry Hepburn.  Massive brownie points.  And lots of extra kisses.
PS I love you **** Total chick flick.  But more brownie points for him for getting it.  He’s gooood.

Sleeping Beauty…gotta try this one again.  Hastings gave us a crappy movie and we couldn’t watch it.  So this one is a do over.

Tonight’s selection…The Ghost and Mrs. Muir.  It’s a pretty old movie so it should be interesting!
Each movie is preceded with the sweetest note in the card I have ever read.  And clever, too.  Because inside this sweet note are clues about the movie.  And dang it if he isn’t good.  I’m like 3 for 6 on guessing the movie is all.  So here are some pics of the notes.  The messages are gonna be private, just cause they’re for me.  Not in a bad, scandalous way, but because they are in a personal, in between us kind of way.  Enjoy!

How sweet are these?!?  Trust me…the notes inside are even sweeter!!

I am so blessed…I look forward to coming home and seeing what he has up his sleeve every evening!


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