Bonfires and Bluejeans

Randoms from my spot next to the fire

Just Gimme a Break Here!!

on February 10, 2012

     One thing I really hate about life is having to walk around all smiley and happy go lucky when there’s a load of world on your shoulders.  I’ve been feeling that way a lot lately; having to just grin and bear it just ain’t my style, but it seems it’s all I’ve really been able to do recently.  Seems to be the usual, same ‘ol same ‘ol stuff, but with an extra dose of blah mixed in with it.  Maybe not blah.  Maybe it’s just the lack of patience I’ve been experiencing.  I know…it’s my own fault.  But I’m not perfect, and at least I see what it is.  Seems as though the school (I’ve started two new classes that are the hardest BY FAR) load is building, the pressure to find the perfect house and move before the lease is up is building, had to get my taxes done (it’s pretty complicated…not just a 1040EZ for here) for the lender as well as filling out the new FASFA forms, kid stuff…seems the list just goes on and on.  Now add to that list getting about 100 forms put together of financial records for the lender and now the waiting game.  Oh and throw in two HUGE papers due (that I haven’t even started) and baby girl’s birthday weekend up ahead which means making the birthday cake, shopping, and wrapping.  Plus all the extra stuff that goes along with a little princess turning 7.  Fun times ahead!  It’s 2 in the morning before I blink, then I’m up and out the door by 5:45 to go work out and start the day.  I. Am. Crazy!!
     I really feel some moments I’m gonna just bust…and take everyone with me!  But.  I do have so many blessings to focus on, and that’s what really keep me going.  A God full of mercy and grace who wants nothing but the best for me.  I have an incredible family that gets me outta bed everyday.  The love of a man that is the answer to a billion prayers…and then so much more.  Three kids that are every parents dream.  A roof over our head.  Bills paid.  Full bellies.  Fun.  Laughter.  Memories made and being made everyday.  What more does a girl need??
     I guess if I’ve been a little spacey, stressed, tired, irritated, down, zoned out, or frustrated, I apologize.  I just ask that you put yourself in my shoes…then run.  Run like the wind!!  I’m kidding…all of this is just temporary, right??  RIGHT??  Sometimes it’s hard putting yourself in someone else’s shoes.  Just remember…chances are, they are probably just trying to make it through the day.  Give ’em a break.         


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