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Hope Your Valentine’s Day is Filled with True Love!

on February 14, 2012

      I read this earlier today…and seeing that it’s Valentine’s day, it really makes a lot of sense.  So I thought I would share…“I love you BECAUSE..” or “I love you IF..” are both conditional love. “I love you despite..” is unconditional~how God loves you.   
     I’ve been learning over the last year and a half that how God loves you is how a spouse (or future spouse, depending on where you are in life) should strive to love you.  There’s a reason it talks about it through the New Testament.  I have to admit…in years past, I equated the love of Christ as “conditional”…based upon what I was living and the situation during that time.  It was very conditional and performance driven.  But, through God’s incredible grace and mercy, I have been blessed to be able to see and experience it all on a much more personal and deeper level.  I see now that real, true love is unconditional.  I know this, because I can get hard to love at times and yet…I’m still loved!
     I see God’s true love through the service I get at home.  It’s the small, everyday courtesies.  There is not a day that goes by that Sean doesn’t do something for me…unasked.  Mind you, if I do need something, he is right there in a heartbeat, completely dependable, and there for me.  Just like my God.  But it’s the random, thoughtful things that blow my mind.  When I’m up super early to go work out…my truck is started to warm up.  If there is something we need from the grocery store…it’s there in the fridge.  When laundry needs done or dishes washed, they are done without any kind of fit thrown or expectation of anything in return.  I have never met anyone so willing to serve someone else in my life.  Not to mention considerate with gifts.  The flowers all the time…random Cokes…hot baths ready for me and foot rubs after long days.  All without me saying I need them.  He is such a blessing.  And how Christlike he is with showering me with gifts, based on my needs…even before I know I need them.
     When I prayed for someone who was like Christ in so many ways…I never imagined I would get someone like Sean.  And I never fully understood the depth of what that meant.  Seeing that in action has really opened my eyes to the full meaning, and how Christ really does love the Church.  And how Sean…and God…love me unconditionally.  

     So on this Valentine’s Day, I want to make sure that I show Sean how appreciative of him that I really am.  Actually I try to show him everyday.  And it’s funny how our lives really reflect our walks with Christ.  And how our goals are to show each other just how much we love and appreciate each other, and love each other unconditionally.  I am so in love with him…and our God!  And the blessings He is continually giving us are really blowing our minds!


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