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Just Another Weekend…

In case anyone was ever curious about what we do or how we typically spend our weekends…worry no more!  I’ve put together a little montage of sorts in pictures covering the weird and random things that takes place under our roof.  And across Stillwater and the surrounding areas.  So kick back, relax, and enjoy…and be slightly jealous that you weren’t here to experience the fun that is our family!

Sean was pretty freaking awesome (isn’t he always, though??) and won us some tickets to go see Gary Alan in concert here in town on Saturday of that weekend.  So, we got dressed to hang out outside (love outside concerts!) and started out filling up on some supper before making our way out.

Chowin’ down on some TexMex to celebrate Cinco de Mayo!  Not sure what this look is for…I’m gonna guess cause I took his picture?

Me chowin’ down as well…and dadgum I look plum wore out!!  Not my best picture to date…

No weekend morning is complete without at least one trip to the doughnut store for us.  At least when we don’t have much else going on.  And you can see why…this kid can eat his weight in doughnuts, which really isn’t all THAT much.  It’s a tradition we have that I hope to continue on for a very long time.

What’s a better way to start off a weekend morning than with a tray full of yummy goodness?!  I only had one long john thankyouverymuch! 

Also, every other Saturday morning Lowes offers a program called Build and Grow.  They provide little projects for the kids to build and make, and let me tell you it’s the greatest thing evah!  They look forward to it all week long! 

She’s concentrating so hard building her project!

Not to be outdone, he is rocking his terrarium as well.

These two little angels sure know how to make an ordinary trip to Lowes interesting, to say the least.  The evidence is in the following pictures.  Sorry for any offending we may have caused, but we love to have fun.

She was so proud for doing this all on her own.  I turned around to find her and lo and behold…she’s on her throne.

It just went down the drain from there.  

The rest of the day was spent around the house…some of us worked.  The ones under the age of 11 played.  Figures.

Ahhh….he makes gardening look so goood.

Playtime included a roll around on his new skateboard.  And a few new bumps and bruises to impress the ladies with.  

It’s the neighborhood sword fight time.  Notice the girls in the back of the truck…they are sitting in their lawn chairs.  They also brought out drinks and popsicles.  Genius.

DOGPILE!!  Nobody wanted to leave poor Sean out of all the fun of the weekend so here he is in all his playtime glory.  What the picture doesn’t show is the multiple times he was jumped on by not just one kid, but by both.  What a trooper.

With all that energy burned up with playing and working, what else is there to do but stuff our faces?  God bless Atwoods and their $.25 hotdogs!!

No caption needed here.

Welp, that about sums up our weekends.  At least the highlights anyways.  There were a few naps in there, and I believe there may have been a meltdown or two because of a sleepy child (I won’t mention any names).  All in all, I have to say that when I was a kid and spent time dreaming of how I would spend my time with my kiddos this is just about how I imagined it would be.  Fun, muddy, an occasional scrape in need of a bandaid, and lots and lots of laughter and love. 


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