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Bringing it all together + catch up time!

on September 9, 2013

Okay y’all, so if you haven’t yet noticed I took a bit of a break from blogging.  Between getting married, school work, and the circus known as our crazy life, I just didn’t have the time to devote to the page that I wanted.  Lucky for y’all…I’M BACK!  I’m now an honest woman with a Academic degree and time to spend on this blog!  Life has seemingly passed over the last year or so at such a blur that I really needed all of my attention to focus.  And that’s saying a lot.  Getting me to focus on anything these days is no easy task.  So a necessary update is in order.

  • We got married.  Finally.  One of the last updates I made before my long break was the decision to run off and elope, and not to do the traditional wedding.  Well, it worked out wonderfully.  We couldn’t have been more happy with our decision to go to Savannah, Georgia to get married.  We found an incredibility romantic town square and a huge, old oak tree with a ton of moss…the setting couldn’t have been more perfect.  Along with the wedding, we spent the week having a fun and relaxing honeymoon in Savannah, as well.  We were planning on waiting till our 5th anniversary to go back to visit, but something tells me we won’t be able to wait that long!  Here are just a few of our wedding/trip pics…

418288_3049166647990_1986310238_n 386856_3049167248005_237368688_n   582008_10151335895343994_1127666674_n SavannahGA-color

  • We went on vacations/getaways.  Besides our wedding/honeymoon.  We did Branson for a family trip with my Dad/Stepmom and siblings and families, San Antonio with my mom and siblings and families to celebrate her cancer remission, and several getaways for just the two of us.
  •  229940_2900688656133_64424200_n 1044764_4339719951016_981820452_n 11584_4028664854833_641528442_n
  • Best of all though, I got this to happen.  No explanation needed.  us-osu

Well, lest I crash your computer with all the photos, I will do the wrap up here.  There were all kinds of other things that have happened over the year, as well.  Kids graduating (oldest finished high school!?), middle boy started middle school this year and the youngest girl is bummed she just started third grade.  Another surgery for the poor husband has had us practicing our patience, and my bedside nursing skills.  Seriously, we have had so much going on, it’s a wonder I’ve been able to keep my head on straight!

All my best…



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