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What I can’t live without Wednesday…

on September 11, 2013

By the sound of the title of this little post, it sure looks like I’m trying to reinvent the wheel…or one of those day of the week theme post things.  Call me a bandwaggoner, I guess.  Welcome to “What I Can’t Live Without Wednesday”.   Dummm dum du dummmm…..drum roll please!

  • My Cozi calendar.  Y’all.  I cannot even begin to tell you how much I love  need thrive with this thing to manage our crazy, busy circus life.  This app is a calendar (say it with me…duuuh) that can be used through your mobile devices as well as computers.  The best part, however, is its ability to connect your whole entire family.  Each family member is color coded, and when you add an appointment that includes that person, it will send them an update and any reminders that you select.  If you have to make any changes, it notifies the family member as well.  There is also a real-time grocery list that we have fallen in love with.  If we need milk, and I’m at the grocery store and pick it up, I mark it off of the list.  Because it is a central list that every family member can access and use, we won’t end up with 5 gallons of milk that go bad because “I was just at the store and thought we might need it”.  This happens in your family too, right??  You can also use a meal planner, journal events, and send messages to the entire family or specific people.  I swear, if we didn’t have this, my head would be rollin’ down the street.  Lost.  Seriously.  The free version contains a lot of functionality, but I splurged and bought the pro version for like $20..  It’s cheaper than a paper planner!  You can find out more information HERE.

cozi screen shot

  • My coffee.  Y’all, this is serious.  I am one of those coffee drinkers that has to have it even when it’s 100+ degrees outside.  And I can’t stand the though of it iced.  Blech.  One of the biggest blessings/curses that has happened to me in recent years has been the location of my office.  It’s over a coffee shop.  Be still my heart.  Walking in to my building in the mornings and catching a whiff of freshly brewed java juice just does something to me.  This being after I’ve had my necessary number of morning cups at home.  Guess it could be worse though.  At least it’s legal!
  • Our fridge.  Before you go whaaa?  Let me explain a bit.  We decided to paint our refrigerator with that black paint that turns any solid surface into a chalkboard.  I have to rank this as one of my most favorite home improvement projects.  At any given point, there can be artwork from our daughter, sweet messages and/or colorful pictures from my husband, or some kind of 6th grade boy message on it…typically a message with lots of innuendo towards his sister.  See the following picture…
  • 261390_3944350867036_806921481_nLike I said…priceless.  I believe that this particular day was “Mamma’s vacation day”.  Not sure exactly where the beach and ocean life fit in…I’m still waiting!!

Anyhey…that’s just a few of the most random things I really can’t live my life without.  Before you go shakin’ your head and tiskin’ me…I know.  Family, God and all of that are completely understood to be my priorities.  So there.





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