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The Double Headed Hat

on September 14, 2013

Best. Idea. Ever.

Rocky Parenting

This was originally posted at mrsmomdragon

Because sometimes, timeouts just don’t cut the cake.

I love those “I must write that down in your baby book” moments with my kids. Yesterday, while shopping for a Wisconsin souvenir (at Target) we walked past the ladies undergarments section. Normally Eydan is in a cart, but he is at an age where he just likes to walk everywhere, climb on everything, and say “hi” to everyone. Anyway, we walk past a rack full of bright, neon colored bras hanging on the bottom of the rack…I’m not sure if we were just in the extremely short section of Target, but these bras were in perfect reach for a 1 year old! He waddles right over to the hot pink one and says, “cue”!! In Eydan language this is ‘cute’ and also one of his current favorite adjectives. (Right up there with “stinky” and…

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