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Marriage Monday

on September 23, 2013

I don’t know about you, but our life is so busy sometimes.  We seem to go through seasons where just saying hi as we pass everyone walking through the house is a big accomplishment.  Our communication seems to all take place by text, and finding the time to connect is difficult, at best.  There are other times, however, when the stars align just right, and the sweet husband and I get some quiet, much needed time to ourselves.  It is such a nice respite from the business of life to look forward to some quality time with him.  Being able to just focus on each other is priceless…and I treasure the memories that we make.  Although many times we don’t have a whole weekend together like we just did, we have found that we can be pretty creative when trying to build in some time together into our crazy lives.

One thing about life that I absolutely love is anticipation.  I love having something on the horizon to look forward to, or to be planning something.  Couple that with having something to anticipate or plan with the hubby and I’m over the moon!  It’s nothing for me to have a countdown going in my head of how many days until the next adventure!  I find that I’m really not much good with life if I have nothing “exciting” going on.  I tend to get in a rut pretty quick.  And trust me…that ain’t fun for anybody!  While having vacations, parties, and other big events to look forward to are fantastic and make me feel alive, I’ve really come to realize that it’s the little things in life that can be just as anticipated and planned for.  I think that this anticipation of fun things together really helps our marriage.  We look over the calendar, and find when we can have a bit of time together.  It may not be a full weekend, and many times it’s an evening between the two of us.  We put it on the family calendar, which makes it “official”.  We give priorities to other events and activities, so why can’t we give each other this consideration?  Knowing that next week will be date night, or that we have a Saturday adventure planned gets me through the week like no other motivation can.

Along the lines of having something planned to look forward to, is learning to enjoy the process of planning something for your husband.  Although I don’t do it as much as I would like, I absolutely love having something in the works for him.  It might not be anything big at all…planning on how to sneak a note on the fridge when he isn’t looking or putting together a getaway all really gets me giddy and excited knowing he’s going to smile.  Hopefully. 🙂  The flip side of that would be knowing (and hoping!) that he has something in the works for us, too.  I know that he doesn’t value the same things that I do (typical man v woman stuff), but I do know that he is thinking about us when he comes up with some of our adventures.  He planned a date night for one of my faves coming up…The Melting Pot.  Major brownie points for that man!!  It is a huge deal to me to know that he is thinking of me and of what I would want to do together.

Many of our inside jokes, biggest laughs, and best bonding times come from these times together.  When we take the time to make each other a priority, and focus on what makes each other happy, only good can come out of the effort.  It has so been worth the effort…even if it is something that I’m not particularly feeling up to doing, or in the mood for, or I know he could not care any less about doing, the pay offs are priceless.  I have found that during the difficult times, the memories of our times alone together, along with the anticipation of more to comes sure makes the rough times seem much more smooth.

One of my prayers before I met my husband was that God would bring someone into my life that could/would understand the importance of and appreciate the small things in life.  Getting to sneak away on a date night in the middle of the week, getting surprised by a fully planned getaway, or doing the number one thing on our bucket list are all big priorities for me, and because God answers prayers in a big way, his too.  Many know this, but he told me when right after we met that as long as we were together I would never go without fresh flowers in the house.  After three years, he’s lived up to that promise.  I know each time he goes to the store, or the county roads to pick flowers, is because he is taking the time to do something to make me smile.  I will never be able to tell him how much I appreciate it…every time I look at the flowers, I see just how much he loves me.

The point of all of this is to say this: take the time to do-and appreciate-the little things in life with your hubby.  It’s during these times that a firmer foundation, amazing memories, and your example of a successful marriage is being built, day by day.




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