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What I Can’t Live Without Wednesday…just a day late

on September 26, 2013

Well What I love Wednesday came and went with nary a post from this chick.  Trust me, I’m aware that I have failed miserably on the blogging front, especially since it’s a themed day and all.  Ah well…what can ya do?  To be honest with you, it’s been a week of riding the struggle bus, and I’ve hopped off long enough to pen this ditty so I don’t feel so bad.  And…let’s be honest…y’all have been sitting around your computers just waiting with baited breath for an update, right?  RIGHT??  Don’t answer that.  So to get this ball rolling, better late than never, I will start the grand listing…

  • Happy Wives Club This website has seriously been a wealth of information for being an awesome wife.  And it’s working, too! 🙂  It has so many ideas, thought provoking articles, and is just a reliable resource of information for good, sound advice.  Lord knows…not everything you read about marriage these days is advice you should follow!  You can look it up HERE!
  • Ghost Nights One thing my husband and I have in common is our need to get the adrenaline pumping every now and then.  When we first started dating, we implemented what we call “Ghost Night”…Wednesdays are typically when all the scary shows like ghost hunting stuff is on TV.  Being the inquisitive types that we are, it is so much fun to watch the shows with him and try and come up with our own theories.  All week long we talk about Ghost Night and count down the days.  It’s a great pause in the middle of the week to spend time together snuggling on the couch as well as having something to look forward to together.  If something happens and we don’t get to have Ghost Night together, it really leaves a noticeable hole in the week for us.
  • Quotes This trend on social media of posting photos with quotes is right up my alley.  I absolutely love positive and funny quotes…especially when I see one and think of somebody specifically.  It’s a great way to see little reminders about a variety of subjects…all while you scroll through your news feeds.  Can’t beat the free pump up session!  One of my faves of the moment is this one:


     I would love to think that wherever I go I leave my mark and won’t soon be forgotten.  Eh.  Sounds cheesy, I know, but I guess is boils down to the whole wanting to make a difference in the world need that so many of us possess.  This is a nice reminder to always leave a positive mark on whoever you encounter and wherever you go.  Off to go save the world…one day at a time!  Have a wonderfully blessed day full of your favorites and of making your mark!




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