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What goes around…

     The title pretty much sums it all up.  It’s a general life principle to live by; whatever you do to others probably will (and probably should) come back to you.  Good and bad…some call it Karma…I call it life.  But thankfully in this case, it’s all good.  So Valentine’s Day is coming up.  Never one to really like this day much in the past, I really didn’t have anything in the way of expectations for this year, either.  Gotta love those that ruin holidays for all the others, huh?  Last year was better, but Sean and I hadn’t been dating all that long and I was still a bit….guarded.  So anyways…I had known the last couple of days that Mr. Cupid had something up his sleeve for the VDay holiday, I just didn’t know exactly what.  But knowing him like I do, I knew it would be good.  And romantic.  Cause that’s just how he rolls.  When I walked in from work last night, I was blown away with all he had done for me.  And speechless.  And That. Never. Happens.  Sometimes I think he does stuff like that just to shut me up!  So this is what I walked in to see (sorry it’s a bad pic…I will take a better one and upload it later today).

     Each balloon has a note on it with a number…one for the first 13 days of February, ending with something special on the 14th.  Sound familiar?  Like the 25 days of Christmas I did for him in December?  Yep!  Same concept!  Except…each night we are gonna watch a movie together…most of them some kind of obscure movie that has to deal with romance of some sort (it IS February) that he has thought long and hard about to choose.  And each day there will be a clue as to which movie it is.  Brilliant, if you ask me!
     Not only am I motivated to get my homework done early, so we will be able to watch the movie together, we get a guaranteed snuggle time on the couch.  Something we all need to make more time for in our busy lives!  And as for the whole what goes around comes around business…I am completely blessed because we have really figured out what works, at least for us, is taking time out of our day to show each other that we are thinking about the other.  Be it a quick, out of the blue text or our ritual board writing we are on a mission to show each other we care.  And that speaks volumes in our relationship.  I’m really starting to love Valentine’s Day, now!

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