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Starting Our Future Together

     Trying to plan a wedding can be a tricky, tricky proposition.  Between the stress of sticking to budgets and trying not to step on toes and hurt feelings, the whole wedding idea just doesn’t sound too appealing.  Especially when so many weddings end up being less of a reflection on the two being married and more of a garish attempt at impressing and one-upping.  I mean, how many girls do you know read a magazine then try to repeat exactly what they see?  How many brides do you know have at least a half a dozen break downs in the months and days leading up to their wedding?  Sounds like such a magical time to me…(insert sarcasticness here).  So.  That being said…
     Sean and I were in the middle of planning our traditional wedding for September when we both looked at each other and had our light bulb moment…what the heck were we doin?  Neither one of use really wanted a “traditional” wedding.  We didn’t want the stress, or the expense, or the added drama that almost always seems to go along with the experience.  In fact, we had originally planned to have a destination wedding.  But, with pressure from members of extended family (immediate members didn’t mind…go figure) we decided to do it here.  Thank the good Lord we wised up before we got in too deep!
     So here is where we are now.  Our original plan was to get married then go on our honeymoon to Savannah GA.  Neither one of us had been there (long story, but important to me) and it just seems like it’s perfectly romantic.  While I was looking around at different things, I found some places that do weddings in and around the areas…and there again the light bulb went off again.  So here is where we are…


     Our plans include the scene above.  Huge, old trees covered with Spanish moss.  Sunset.  Just the two of us.  Peaceful and perfect.  I’ll be wearing a white sundress with my boots (gotta be different!) and Sean will be Sean…we are still working on what he’s gonna wear.  Whatever he picks, he will look fantastic.
     The whole point of us going to Savannah to be married is that it will be us.  There won’t be anyone to please and every detail will be what we want.  I will be able to focus on marrying my best friend and soul mate, and not worry if the candles are dripping too much or if my flowers were delivered on time.  I want to relax and enjoy our time together.  We plan to wake up and enjoy our day leading up to the wedding…nice and relaxing!  And that is what it is all about.  Relaxing and enjoying each other, and celebrating the incredible time in our lives as we start our future together.     

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