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Starting Our Future Together

     Trying to plan a wedding can be a tricky, tricky proposition.  Between the stress of sticking to budgets and trying not to step on toes and hurt feelings, the whole wedding idea just doesn’t sound too appealing.  Especially when so many weddings end up being less of a reflection on the two being married and more of a garish attempt at impressing and one-upping.  I mean, how many girls do you know read a magazine then try to repeat exactly what they see?  How many brides do you know have at least a half a dozen break downs in the months and days leading up to their wedding?  Sounds like such a magical time to me…(insert sarcasticness here).  So.  That being said…
     Sean and I were in the middle of planning our traditional wedding for September when we both looked at each other and had our light bulb moment…what the heck were we doin?  Neither one of use really wanted a “traditional” wedding.  We didn’t want the stress, or the expense, or the added drama that almost always seems to go along with the experience.  In fact, we had originally planned to have a destination wedding.  But, with pressure from members of extended family (immediate members didn’t mind…go figure) we decided to do it here.  Thank the good Lord we wised up before we got in too deep!
     So here is where we are now.  Our original plan was to get married then go on our honeymoon to Savannah GA.  Neither one of us had been there (long story, but important to me) and it just seems like it’s perfectly romantic.  While I was looking around at different things, I found some places that do weddings in and around the areas…and there again the light bulb went off again.  So here is where we are…


     Our plans include the scene above.  Huge, old trees covered with Spanish moss.  Sunset.  Just the two of us.  Peaceful and perfect.  I’ll be wearing a white sundress with my boots (gotta be different!) and Sean will be Sean…we are still working on what he’s gonna wear.  Whatever he picks, he will look fantastic.
     The whole point of us going to Savannah to be married is that it will be us.  There won’t be anyone to please and every detail will be what we want.  I will be able to focus on marrying my best friend and soul mate, and not worry if the candles are dripping too much or if my flowers were delivered on time.  I want to relax and enjoy our time together.  We plan to wake up and enjoy our day leading up to the wedding…nice and relaxing!  And that is what it is all about.  Relaxing and enjoying each other, and celebrating the incredible time in our lives as we start our future together.     

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Up ‘Till Now…

     Ok.  So I realize I’ve been a bit behind on this blogging deal of late, so time to play catch up with our wild and crazy busy lives.  I swore I wouldn’t be one of “those” bloggers, but guess I was wrong.  Not the first time, and sure won’t ever be the last!!
     School is…well…school.  I dread it most nights but at the same time, I actually find myself enjoying learning new things.  I have caught myself saying weird things like “Shouldn’t this stuff get easier as I go along, since I’m learning more??”.  Makes no sense, I know.  But my brain is fried.  What can I say.  I’m learning the things I enjoy are not the subjects I originally thought I would.  I still have a love for sociology.  And truth be told, if ever there were to be money made in that field, I’d jump on it in a heartbeat.  But, alas, there’s not.  So why waste my time and money on something that won’t pay the bills?  Ergo my dilemma.  Still going with the business degree with a minor in medical management, but kinda leaning towards a masters in sociology.  That way all parts of my educational heart can be happy.  We shall see how it all turns out in the end.
     One week from tomorrow is one of the hugest days of all for us.  We close on our house!!!  I don’t know who’s more excited about what…us about more room or the kids about getting the puppies that are coming when we move.  There are so many awesome things happening for us that nobody can’t say that God isn’t involved in it!  He’s sure smiling on us!  Other than not having everything packed up yet (ahem…) we are all rarin’ to head over to the new house!!  We noticed that we have a fairly older man as a neighbor.  Let’s hope he’s a nice older man like the one that both Sean and I had as neighbors growing up.  There are so many kids and places to run and play.  Nothing like living in a col-d-sac!
     I’ve continued my healthy living changes…no more Cokes except for special occasions.  No candy except for when I usually have a Coke.  Nothing like having a Reece’s cup with a Coke.  Nothing but high protein, complex carbs, fruits and veggies to eat.  Coffee, unsweet tea (or with Stevia…yummy stuff!) or water.  Big changes for me!!  I’ve also become quite addicted to Zumba.  I absolutely love shakin’ it at 6 in the morning to get my day started off right.  And in the mornings there’s not a class offered, there’s always one later in the day.  I find I’m always checking the Colvin/Wellness Center schedules to see when the next class is.  I would say I MIGHT be addicted.  Just maybe.  Really in the scheme of things is that so bad?  There are so many other things a girl could be addicted to and I’m thinking working out can’t be all that bad. 🙂
     Why am I doing all the working out, you ask?  Well the wedding is coming up quick!!  I wanna be one smokin’ hot mama in that dress!!  Plus we have all the other pre-wedding stuff, too.  Pictures need to look good, too.  It is so exciting to be planning for our future.  All of our decisions are fun to make…it breaks my heart to hear about couples that fight and argue about their wedding and all the details.  This should be a happy day!  We are thrilled to celebrate it!!  Now the counting down begins!  Only 5 months and about 2 1/2 weeks left to go!  Plus we’ve FINALLY decided on our honeymoon details.  At first we debated on just doing a family vacation, but with some of our summer plans including a big one already, we decided that we needed to do a get away just for ourselves.  So….we chose….Savannah, Georgia.  We wanted a place in the south that neither of us had ever been to before.  We both love history and museums, so that will be perfect for a week away from reality to spend together, just the two of us.
     Hmmm….I think that just about covers it, for now.  That’s the high points of our lives and what we have going on right now.  So many new and exciting things are are getting to experience together and as a family.  It is incredible to be able to move along on the journey together with my best friend, who makes each good day the best day of my life and the down times so much more tolerable…dare I say even fun.  Just yesterday at work one of my co-workers commented on just how how happy I look and could tell by how I carried myself that my life is where it should be and that I am full of love and loved fully.  That made my day in more ways than I could ever begin to describe.  Because it is the truth.  Never before Mr. Man walked into my life have I EVER heard that.  Not one time.  I am finally at a place where I not only can love someone freely and without any kind of walls around my heart, but I can also love myself for all that I am and all that I have to offer.  I would say that is a huge change that has been ever evolving!         

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Hope Your Valentine’s Day is Filled with True Love!

      I read this earlier today…and seeing that it’s Valentine’s day, it really makes a lot of sense.  So I thought I would share…“I love you BECAUSE..” or “I love you IF..” are both conditional love. “I love you despite..” is unconditional~how God loves you.   
     I’ve been learning over the last year and a half that how God loves you is how a spouse (or future spouse, depending on where you are in life) should strive to love you.  There’s a reason it talks about it through the New Testament.  I have to admit…in years past, I equated the love of Christ as “conditional”…based upon what I was living and the situation during that time.  It was very conditional and performance driven.  But, through God’s incredible grace and mercy, I have been blessed to be able to see and experience it all on a much more personal and deeper level.  I see now that real, true love is unconditional.  I know this, because I can get hard to love at times and yet…I’m still loved!
     I see God’s true love through the service I get at home.  It’s the small, everyday courtesies.  There is not a day that goes by that Sean doesn’t do something for me…unasked.  Mind you, if I do need something, he is right there in a heartbeat, completely dependable, and there for me.  Just like my God.  But it’s the random, thoughtful things that blow my mind.  When I’m up super early to go work out…my truck is started to warm up.  If there is something we need from the grocery store…it’s there in the fridge.  When laundry needs done or dishes washed, they are done without any kind of fit thrown or expectation of anything in return.  I have never met anyone so willing to serve someone else in my life.  Not to mention considerate with gifts.  The flowers all the time…random Cokes…hot baths ready for me and foot rubs after long days.  All without me saying I need them.  He is such a blessing.  And how Christlike he is with showering me with gifts, based on my needs…even before I know I need them.
     When I prayed for someone who was like Christ in so many ways…I never imagined I would get someone like Sean.  And I never fully understood the depth of what that meant.  Seeing that in action has really opened my eyes to the full meaning, and how Christ really does love the Church.  And how Sean…and God…love me unconditionally.  

     So on this Valentine’s Day, I want to make sure that I show Sean how appreciative of him that I really am.  Actually I try to show him everyday.  And it’s funny how our lives really reflect our walks with Christ.  And how our goals are to show each other just how much we love and appreciate each other, and love each other unconditionally.  I am so in love with him…and our God!  And the blessings He is continually giving us are really blowing our minds!

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